Words of goodbye… the summer holidays are here!

“This year passed too fast, but it was full of unforgettable moments and memories. It was sad when girls from 12 grade, who had become so close, left. But it was an incredible feeling to see them graduating and realise that we’ll be in their place so soon. Have amazing holidays!”

“Finally the year is over and in front of us the whole world for these two months. Home, friends, family, sea, oceans, sky and a lot of new expressions, new doors that we can open, new discoveries that we can make. This summer will be great and the world will smile at you!”

“It is just so pleasant I have finished the first part of my exams. I am happy of my first school year here in CDL, it was a good experience that made me grow, I think. But I am SO HAPPY to finally be on HOLIDAYS, so I wish you good ones. Thank you to my house parents.”

“It was a wonderful year! I am sure that the next one is going to be even more fun!”

“It was a great year. I learned a lot :)”

“This year passed by so quickly, but indeed it was one of the best years of my life so far, it was full of new and amazing experiences. Hope next year will be the same or even better!”

See you soon, ladies!! Wishing you the best holidays with family and friends and loved ones!


Celebrating our beautiful bunch of House Parents and Boarding Managers! (and nurses, and teachers, and dogs…)

IMG_4249 (1)

Tonight we celebrated the end of the year and the completion of another period of companionship: goodbyes, so-longs, congratulations of all sorts were hanging in the air and being expressed among us as this school year draws to an end…

Thank you everybody for being there and thank you Mrs and Mr Usher for making this possible, again and again! This traditional Summer Barbecue is getting better every year 🙂

Getting ready to go

Everybody in Villa Ecureuil is super-busy these days… Primarily due to the final exams, which will be over quite soon! Studying studying studying… Then a great sense of freedom will follow, accompanied by excitement and… chaos!! Packing everything up is not easy at the end of  the school year! So many things to take care of and so many feelings connected to the end of this cycle.

However, it will all be so much more relaxed in about two weeks… Let’s enjoy the ride!