Amazing weekend

Yesterday we had a trip to the Parc Aventure in Bougy-Villars, Switzerland. Everyone had a Rope Course, however, unfortunately, I couldn’t actively participate as everyone else because I was sick. Therefore, at first, I thought that my trip will be a bit ruined, however, as a result I spent an amazing time having a walk with Varvara, who joined me afterwards and we visited a small zoo and enjoyed  fascinating views. I spent my day more passively, however, reaching the harmony with nature and soul. 


Ropes Course today!

Today we went to the Ropes Course, an activity we chose to do all together as a House. We went to an “Adventure Park” in a beautiful green area in Signal de Bougy, full of luscious tall trees! There are many different “courses” one can choose from, depending on his/her age and on the degree of difficulty one feels like dealing with… There are some intense moments anyway! Like… when you have to walk on moving wooden planks, or on a straight steel cable… However, wearing a good harness and having those fantastic “carabiners” (double locking snap hooks) makes all the difference – one feels safe and can even dare to do things that he/she would not usually do!!

For me it was really fun… even if there was an embarrassing moment 🙂 almost at the end of a 12 zip-line course… I did not make it to the arrival platform and had to ask for assistance!! HA! But after that it was easy…

What I loved the most was the fact that there were many of us, walking around among the trees, but it was peaceful… One could hear voices here and there but I almost had the feeling I was alone in the forest.

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Rejoice, 12 graders!

You have a wonderful possibility to go to another town (like Lausanne, Montreux etc) to spent some time there. It’s called Joker! You can leave on Saturday after lunch and come back at 21.30.

Isn’t it cool??

But you can use it just three times a year (I’m not sure about that…)

Yesterday I went to Lausanne to visit Inna (she graduated last year and now she is studying in EPFL)

Thank you for this amazing opportunity!!!


P.S. I think that the building on the photo is Palais de Justice.

New blanket!!

Today, we have all received a blue blanket with the logo of CDL in every Boarding House and I think it’s a really good idea. because we are all going to keep warmer during the night… and if we are sick and we want to stay in bed!


Our living environment is breathtaking!

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Last Sunday, I took a walk around our boarding house. Excellent weather with breathtaking  sceneries. Switzerland is unbelievably beautiful and quiet, the nature is incredibly charming. It’s really enjoyable to have a walk on a sunny day to embrace the beautiful nature, and remember to take a deep breath to flush away all the stresses that are accumulated in school~ 

Welcome Elizaveta!

Here she is, the latest addition to the Ecureuil team! Elizaveta arrived last Saturday night straight from Russia. She speaks perfect English and spent two years studying in a high school in California, USA, which means she brings lots of experience and a love for community living… This is always a plus – less adaptation time required!

First day of school for her today – Welcome to CDL!


A bit of nostalgia… and pride!

Today I called a former Ecureuil young lady, Inna, who just finished her Swiss Maturité exams at the end of August/beginning of September.

I wanted to congratulate her because she was given the best grades among all the CDL students in her final exams!!! I am so so happy for her and I know I am speaking on behalf of many colleagues, friends, teachers and tutors here in CDL.

Félicitations Inna 🙂