The Escalade… What is it?

If one lives in the area of Geneva, it is impossible to miss the Escalade race – which, by the way, just took place on Saturday Dec. 5 and in which many CDL students participated. However, the real “Escalade” festival is happening this week-end!

L’escalade tradition began in the night of December 11, 1602, when the Duke of Savoy attempted to surprise-attack the state of Geneva in the darkness of the night at 2:00 am with his army. The Duke’s idea was to let his best soldiers secretly climb (“scale”) over the Geneva’s fortification walls to get hold of the city gate from inside, open it and let the troops in. This is where the word escalade comes from – French “escalade” translates as English “scale”, or “climb”.

The Pot of Hot Soup
There is a legend which tells a story of a woman called Catherine Cheynel. It says that while cooking a soup, she was lucky enough to have noticed the attackers approaching from below and poured a large cauldron of hot soup on them while they were climbing on the walls. The noise awakened the entire city and its militia successfuly defended Geneva from the Duke of Savoy’s army.

As a reminiscence of this moment, a special chocolate pot stuffed with marzipan candies is being ceremonially consumed every year as the hallmark of the Escalade celebrations.

Here is a picture of the marmitte de l’Escalade:



A fun night at the Christmas Dance!

It was a really beautiful evening! Lots of wonderful dresses and outfits, hairdos, high heels, smart guys and good food… What else can you ask for?

It was a time for talking, laughing, taking LOTS of photos (there was even a CDL Photo Booth!), and then dancing!

Here are some pictures…

Ingrid and Enkhling posing in the House before leaving


And at the Kempinski hotel…

Aleksandra with her friend Anastasia


Paola and Maëlys

FullSizeRender (6)

Shizhe and Rui

Elizaveta and Nilgoun

FullSizeRender (3)


FullSizeRender (2)


Tatiana and AnastasiaFullSizeRender (7)

IMG_7465And the girls taking a picture at the Photo Booth!



Awards Ceremony this afternoon

This afternoon the first Award Ceremony of the school year took place in the Eiger Auditorium.

It was such a successful celebration for the Ecureuil girls! First of all, Nilgoun started the event by playing a beautiful piece on the piano.

IMG_7363 IMG_7362

And then the Awards! Paola was awarded the prize concerning participation to Boarding Activities, while Tatiana B the one for Boarding House life. On top of that, our Eileen received a prize for best High School academic results in the first marking period, amazing!

Let’s just make it an exceptional year all the way… Keep up the great work, ladies!

IMG_7365 IMG_7367PS: Paola is definitely camera-shy, so I will try to photograph her as soon as possible!