A beautiful Graduation Ceremony today!

This morning, at the Théâtre du Léman in Geneva, the CDL Graduation Ceremony took place – such a great moment for us all! The biggest number of graduates for CDL so far, can you believe it? And the fantastic Ecureuil ladies were there among the many… to close the circle of their academic careers at CDL.

Congratulations to you all! It was an honor to see your beautiful, sparkly eyes after the ceremony was over! Now the adventure begins… 🙂

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Anastasia and the two Tatianas before the Ceremony (above)


Ingrid (center) with some friends from the French section (above)




Mr. Schaedler’s commencement address (above)




Our Aleksandra is featured on CDL social networks!

Yes, our great Aleksandra was interviewed as an IB boarder at CDL and you can see her in the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages of the school. She shared her views about her personal and academic experiences and she is fantastic – although she complains that she has a strong Russian accent 🙂 Please check it out… I think her English is great, don’t you?



Leavers’ assembly tonight

Tonight another important ritual for CDL boarders took place: the leavers’ assembly! It is fun and also touching (at least, for the House parents) to see videos and hear boarders talk about their experiences, best memories, dreams and future projects…

I was only able to take few pictures, due to the dim light and the distance… But some of our Ecureuil prefects are talking to the “crowds”!! And it was fantastic! And you can also see the grade-12 boarders receiving a gift from Mr. Usher, to remind them of their final year at CDL.




Guided Gap Year 2016!

At Collège du Léman, we believe that young people will be the leaders of tomorrow. That’s why we have set our expectations very high and designed an exclusive gap programme that is both unique and highly competitive. Young people all over the world are craving to find meaning and direction in their life. They have a great attitude, they are highly motivated, and they have an amazing potential which only begs to be recognised, brought out into the open and put into the service of humanity. So if you have a burning desire in your heart to discover your inner potential, to develop a vision for your life, and to achieve something of value in a world full of opportunities, then the Collège du Léman gap programme is for you!


Mother Ocean day – May 10!


Mother Ocean Day is relatively a new celebration, as it was introduced for the first time in 2013. It is a concept thought up by the South Florida Kayak Fishing Club that has since sought the approval of the City of Miami to declare this a day official. The point, of course, is to take a day to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the ocean, and it is no surprise that inhabitants of Florida were the ones to come forward with this idea, as Florida is famous for particularly gorgeous white sand beaches and clear, aquamarine waters.

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Dreaming of the beautiful summer ahead of us!! Keep on going, senior girls 🙂