Wishing you all a fantastic summer!

The end of the academic year is… two days away! As usual, we are all in the midst of an emotional storm: tired, happy, excited, busy. “Exams are over but the grades are not out yet!” – “Do I need three or four trunks to pack all my things?” – “Will they let me carry all my suitcases in the plane?” – “I can’t wait to see Greece with my friends!”

It was a fabulous year with the Ecureuil girls!! Intense, full of new and exciting things, with many beautiful moments spent together…

Our hearts are sad because the graduates left… But we look forward to another year of adventure with our “new” seniors!

Have a great summer 🙂


End of the Year Event

It was a fun week-end for all the boarders who were brave enough to go out and play despite the weather – and there was a good break from the rain!

Mr. Diego had organized a wide range of great activities and games outdoors, in Concha and on the new soccer field… Some things were more adventurous than others, but I must say that the smiles you can see in the pictures tell the whole story!

There was “soccer-in-a-bubble”, a game similar to “laser tag”, a kind of cartoon-like “inflated boxing” game, and a “reverse bungee-jumping”… much safer but not less spectacular!

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A charity event organized by three fantastic boarding House Parents!


This July Morgan, Ricardo and Tom (House Parents in Léman 1 and Louis Degallier) will cycle from Geneva to Nice!

They will leave on the 1th of July and arrive in Nice on the 7th, traversing the Alps, with a total climb of 2.2000 mt over the course of the ride.

With this ride they aim to raise money for SOA (Serenje Orphans Appeal), a charity championed by the Middle School principle Kevin Gilbert. SOA runs the SOCH orphanage in Zambia. The orphanage supplies food, education and support for up to 44 weeks at a time. The project aims to be self-sufficient by running a local guesthouse. The building is past the roofing stage – all that remains is the internal tiling of bathrooms and the purchase of furniture which is estimated to cost €4.000.

Please check out the link below – any donation would be greatly appreciated!


A quiet but “full” week-end

Many things happened during this (late) spring week-end…

Our great Ingrid was accepted to Ecole Hôteliere de Lausanne! YAHOOO!! Congratulations! Now… just less than two weeks of hard work and then off to some well-deserved holidays for you!

FullSizeRender (2)

Then… Lots of activities happened on campus, even if the weather was not totally on our side, especially on Saturday. Tennis, horseback riding, swimming, almost-wakeboarding (it started raining again just before the activity could take off!), soccer, foot-golf, body shaping, aqua park …

x IMG_0724IMG_6187And, last but not least… Congratulations to Collège du Léman’s sailing teams, crossing the line of the 78th Bol d’Or Mirabaud, the most important inland lake regatta in the world. Time – 23:07:48 & 23:38:11. Well done to both!! ‪#‎bom2016‬‪#‎regatta‬ ‪#‎collegeduleman‬


Bol d’Or Mirabaud – CDL will be there!

Our CDL Sailing Team will participate to the Bol D’Or Mirabaud on June 10th-12th! Come and support our team!


The Bol d’Or Mirabaud is the largest inland regatta in Europe. It is held annually on Lake Geneva, attracting almost 500 boats and 3,000 participants, both amateurs and seasoned sailors.

Held for the first time in 1939, this regatta organised by the Geneva Nautical Association (Société Nautique de Genève, SNG) has seen several big sailing names not only take part, but also take gold.



Fondé en 1939, le Bol d’Or Mirabaud est la plus importante régate au monde disputée en bassin fermé.


source: www.boldormirabaud.ch, www.mirabaud.com


Time for changes, time of changes

Today I looked up the words “What moves you?” in Google and this beautiful quote by Anaïs Nin came up.


This month, June, invites change. The weather is (hopefully) becoming warmer, Ramadan begins next week, the academic year is coming to an end, many friends are already traveling and fantasizing about what their future school/life/friends will be like…

Living with change and uncertainty can be challenging and make one feel like the foundations are being shaken again and again… But it can also bring exciting new things and people in one’s life. Sometimes change can only be about a new point of view or the decision to change one’s attitude. I guess it is all about maintaining our mind and heart flexible enough to be able to welcome what we don’t know by letting go of prejudices and lowering our defenses (just a bit?)…

What change would you like to welcome in your life… at least for the month of June? 🙂