Relaxing weekend

Last weekend most of the boarders in Ecureuil had a relaxing time.
Some of them went to Geneva, some to Milano and south of France.
They were nice enough to share some pictures with me…


Rina shared with me her exciting picture of a squirrel climbing up the tree.
She was kind enough to take a picture for everyone to see!
In the Ecureuil boarding house there is a squirrel living in the tree 🙂
How awesome!


And there is Paola, enjoying her weekend in Aix en Provence, South of France.
What a beautiful picture with the sunset behind her!


This picture was taken before we had our first official meeting with the school counselor.
(From left: Katia, Rina, Maelys, Paola, Kanoko and Enkhlin). Everyone had a busy Monday in school and was exhausted…
It was a meeting to meet the school counselor and talk about when and how we can take an appointment.
We also shared some questions and issues anonymously by writing them on a piece of paper, and most of our problems were about our future, passing IB and this academic year.
In my opinion, the essential is focusing on what matters and staying positive. In the end, good things will happen.

I can’t wait to see more pictures of the girls this week!


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