Weekend fun in Ecureuil!

This weekend our girls in Ecureuil got up to lots of exciting things- Maria, Katia and Alizee tried wakeboarding and everyone spent some time shopping and exploring in Geneva. Katia also enjoyed going sailing and a lot of Ecureuil girls went to a fun Body Shaping class today! In between all our sporty activities, we also found time to do some baking with Nutella 😉 Thank you Alizee for making them for us!

Maria, Katia, Alizee




Heading off on the boat!

A delicious experiment with Nutella!

Focaccia making

Jeûne Genevois Day

The Jeûne Genevois is Geneva’s very own holiday, celebrated the Thursday following the first Sunday of the month of September each year. Some things are specific to a certain place. These things give a particular “flavor” to that place, adding to what makes it so unique.

So what is Jeûne Genevois all about? Strangely enough, not many people in Geneva seem to know much about it. Apart from eating plum pies or “tartes aux pruneaux”, a custom on the day, there’s hardly any connection with the origin of the holiday today.

In the Middle Ages, certain holidays were set aside to be observed as fasting days. Fasting served as penitence, especially after catastrophes such as plagues or other epidemics, and war.

Although there is some ambiguity about the origins of the Jeûne Genevois, it is generally believed that the fast began in 1567 in remembrance of the repression of the Protestants in Lyon, France. Five years later, in 1572, the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre and the slaughter of several thousand Huguenots shifted the fast in Geneva ahead by almost a month.

By 1640, the fast had become yearly and was carried on even after the Genevan revolution of 1792. The holiday was celebrated unofficially, and over the years, lost its religious importance. Then, in 1966, it was declared an official holiday. Today one could say that the Jeûne Genevois, now a patriotic holiday more than a religious one, has its roots Geneva’s Protestant history.

In 2017, there are no massacres or epidemics in Geneva, and apparently no fasting. But we do keep our pride in our local history.


Hope you enjoyed your plum pie, fellow Genevans!

International Day of Charity 

05.09.2017 International Day of Charity

High School Students take an active role in the running of our charities, where opportunities exist for all students to participate in the many and varied events on the charity calendar. There are annual charity trips to Africa (alternating between Tanzania and Zambia) where students can see at first-hand how their fund-raising has made a difference to the lives of poor children.
More information on http://ow.ly/kmEQ30dVvcD