Well being session: self esteem

Tonight our well being session was dedicated to how we feel about our selves. It was very nice to see that the girls in Ecureuil do appreciate things about them selves but they also recognize things that they should work on in order to improve. We had a piece of greek style pie and then a discussion about people’s first impression, if we get easily influenced by other people’s opinion depending on who these people are. This was a nice meeting with a lot of sharing and food for thought.

Well-being session: sharing cake and thoughts about nutrition.

Tonight it was a lovely and fruitful evening with Ecureuil girls. We all shared information about eating habits and different diets that are very common nowadays. Food and nutrition has been always a very interesting topic, and I was very happy to see the self awareness and conscience about the girls’ eating routine. See below a number of questions that we discussed while enjoying a piece of cake.