9th week online learning :-)

We are very happy to have back on campus Joanne, Isabela and Gabriela who arrived just today. The girls are happy to be back and looking forward to start school on the 8th June.

Tip of the week: 

  1. Exercise gratitude

You may feel like everything’s wrong in the world right now. But there are little things in your life that are good. But because of your clouded thoughts brought by the quarantine, it’s easy not to see them. You can break this loop by exercising gratitude. Every morning or night, think of five things you are grateful and write it on a notebook or your phone’s notes. It can be a small thing as waking up, sleeping in a comfortable bed, or time with family. Practice it every day and you will see a difference in your mood.


7th week online learning :-)

Dear all, I hope you all had a nice weekend. Primary school starts today and we are happy to have life brought back within our campus, taking the adequate precautions of course.

Tip of the week:

Social media distancing

One of the easiest ways to have emotional triggers is to through social media. With the crisis, everyone’s frustrated, angry, and depressed. And social media is everyone’s platform to express and let go of these emotions. There’s nothing wrong with how you want to express your emotions, but it can cause a ripple of negativity, affecting everyone around you. It’s the least of things you want to on this tough time. So practice social media distancing. Give yourself space from all the negativity in social media and the urge to use it for your frustrations. Instead, get your news on reliable sources and be a light to others.


Week 6 online learning :-)

This is our 6th week and I am sure that some of us might be experiencing different feelings due to this extraordinary situation.We are experiencing a pandemic. It’s a scary time for everyone. We can’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotions. We feel sad, scared, and worried. Isolated and quarantined, it’s even hard for us not to be dragged into a worry spiral. External and internal noises are louder. And sometimes, it can bring us down.

The tip of this week to take care of our mental state could be:

  1. Practice mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can bring you clarity and calm. It’s a practice the encourages you to be present, acknowledge your emotions, and let it go. And it’s all grounded by breathing. Practicing it will help you be less overwhelmed with all the emotions triggered by the pandemic and the quarantine. It will remind you that what your feelings are normal and it’s okay. And eventually, what you’re feeling will end.