What can make you happy? Cats!

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Oh, stop it, you can’t deny the cuteness of the American Curl. You can also  guess that this breed is characterized by its unusual ears. Moreover, I assume that this is the reason they are called “Curls”. Still wondering why is it not a well-known breed. “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci […]


One of the significant differences of this winter compared to the previous one isthat I didn’t see any proper snow this time :’c No snow was in Geneva before the break, no snow was in my hometown in Ukraine, no snow in Geneva when I came back!

However, there is enough snow in my hometown now, as my friends from there told me.

Nothing much is going on now, besides the stress and studying we all are used to, so I will just share some shots from the short video that my friend sent me to show which kind of games she and her younger sister play now 😀

No one was hurt, everyone was happy! (the sequence is right)image image (1) image (2) image (3)

Every path is the right path.

The problem of choosing is one of the most recurrent which occur in life. By no means deciding upon something is easy. Especially when you are trying to think wider, trying to rethink all the possible outcomes. Isn’t it hilarious?… because it’s impossible. However, no one should forget: “Every path is the right path. Everything could’ve been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.” (c) Mr. Nobody.

There are a lot of movies which can make you laugh,  feel depressed and cry, or cry because you’ve been laughing so much; or movies can inspire.

“Mr. Nobody”. Talking about this movie is extremely difficult. How often do we simulate in our minds what could have happened? What could have changed? How life could have been different? How often do we stand on the crossroads? I do this a lot.

The main idea of the film seems simple – “the rest of our live depends on the each steps we take, on the each decision make; we are free, now we can choose.” But how this idea is showed! Think about the railroad tracks. They diverge in different directions, creating hundreds of different roads. Same logic work with our lives.

If you ever thought about any of the things that were mentioned, I think that you will find “Mr. Nobody” interesting. And 2 hours won’t seem that long.

At least, for me. I am a professional in procrastinating by enjoying (or “depressing”) myself with rising philosophical questions… Time to study for the exam.

Moving on

So here we are, back to school, teachers and assignments (!).  The holiday week was incredibly desired, however, extremely short. I went home just to see my sister, because my parents were away. She is turning 5 soon, meaning that now is one of the funniest “stages of her growing up”. And I’m sadly missing it. 

However, I don’t have time to go all-sorrowful about it.

And no, it is not my friends who are keeping me busy.

It’s time.

It’s unbelievable how fast time passes. I am not sure about others, but for me everything is happening too quickly. Just a day before I was a year Ten, now – senior. We have to do more, act more, behave more, think more. And have more responsibilities as well. The world spins round and round and we don’t have the time to stop and think: what is it I am doing right? However, it’s more important than people think it is. Everyone is too busy shaping the world for themselves. Or themselves for the world.

Back To Childhood

Unlike the writer of the previous post, I was one of those who left CDL for the Ascension long-weekend and joined their family for these 4 days. As I have a younger sister, we decided to go somewhere not far from school, but interesting for her to visit. Of course, we chose Paris Disneyland, or Eurodisney, and my sister really enjoyed it. She is 4 years old, so it was especially exciting for her to see all the cartoon heroes and princesses in “real life”, to visit the place the where they “live”.

And I was happy as well, because I saw my family and found my childhood memory again of being in this magical place.

Here, in boarding house, we are not just people from different places. There is something more, because we have our families behind us that are making each of us unique.

Let it snow

As for me, it has been the most significant event. I really like when it snows. Of course, it is inconvenient for those who drive etc. but isn’t it beautiful, when everything is so white, fresh and bright? It doesn’t matter if you are lying cozily in your bed and looking through the window or having a nice walk, breathing the freezing air. It feels like Christmas even more now.

Also, it is a sign that we all going to have a break soon: in a week. Oh, this long-awaited break, when we are all going to rest and have fun!