Musical: from West End to Broadway 42nd

Musical is an act of collaboration: a theatrical production that contains songs, dialogue, dance and music. Rise and fall of storyline laid out along the sentimental content of the pieces – wit, passion, love, and fury – are all conveyed through the movements and words of the characters, forming a unified and holistic experience. At its birth in 1850’s to 1880’s, the musical was called musical play or musical comedy, offering exhilarating experience to all members of the society unlike opera (enjoyed exclusively by the top echelon of the social ladder). British Empire, Germany, and Austria imported musicals from Italy and developed an industry out of the genre. Now called West End, the term stands for a mainstream professional theatrical production performed in large and mainstream theatres in London, is the theatreland in the United Kingdom. West End simultaneously stands with New York’s Broadway theatres; the West End is respected as one of the most prestigious theater conglomeration in the English-speaking world. With Andrew Lloyd Webber as the center figure in the movement to develop the quality of the productions, West End claimed its stately throne in both United Kingdom and the United States in due time. Of course, the social circumstances played a favorable role in propitious development of West End: in a determination to dispel depression and pain of the First World War, many Americans frequented Broadway in search of shows such as Broadway 42nd Street and Rent that contained both comedy and drama to deliver hope of American Dream and a yet better tomorrow.


Academy Awards 2014

I am surprised that no one actually wrote about the Oscars ceremony. This year’s was epic!oscars-2014-nominees














An official poster with Ellen deGeneres







Famous Selfie by Ellen and Bradley…






Won big prize, movie 12 Years A Slave







Matthew McConaughey and Cate Blanchett took home awards as Best Actors in a Main Role and Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’p took supporting awards.

The list of the winners 2014:

Corgi dogs

Nowadays I am quite into Corgi dogs. Though I am not really friendly with dogs (they are bit scary sometimes…), Corgi puppies are an exception.

Most Corgi puppies are Pembroke Welsh Corgi. As they are originated from Pembrokeshire, Wales, the word Pembroke is included in the Corgi puppies’ name. There are some other kinds of Corgi dogs as well. For example, Cardigan Welsh Corgi. They have larger breeds, meanwhile they have short legs. Though they have short legs, their body structure is designed for chasing sheep. There are officially five colours for Corgi dogs: red, sable with white marks, fawn with white markings, red headed tri-colour, and balck headed tri-colour. Corgi dogs mostly live until they are 12 to 15 years old. It is almost average for dogs. Since they are intelligent and small herding type of dogs, they are good pet dogs.

Corgi dogs

Parents – Teachers Meetings tomorrow

Tomorrow we have the Parents-Teachers meetings. I suppose most of the students are going. I understand that meetings are bit tiring to take care of. However, talking with your teachers actually helps you find out what your weaknesses and strengths are. Last year I had meeting with two teachers and it really helped me learn some guidelines to get better grades.

In addition, it is better for you to think of teachers who will write your recommendation letters and have a meeting with them. Tell your teachers about your biggest interests on the subject, colleges, and plans for future. Teachers will care about you more and they will consider these things for you. I did it last year and one of my teacher wrote my letter as the first one. Have fun tomorrow!

Senior Picture

Today our senior picture was taken in Concha. I was bit worried before, because it rained for a while. However, it stopped just when we went to Concha. It was short and awkward to take a picture in such a hurry. I hope the pictures will be nicer than what I imagine. 🙂

I don’t have many pictures, but I have one (good) picture that I took with my friends.


We students, especially IB2s, have loads of deadlines. I suppose everyone has done the first draft of Extended Essay. We now have TOK (Theory Of Knowledge) presentation and TOK essay to be done. For the essay, the first draft should be handed in by 14th of October, second draft on 2nd of December and the final draft should be submitted on 14th of February (St.Valentine’s day!). For presentation, there is no accurate date, but it will be done during November and December. TOK practice essay about Basel trip (only IB1s) is due this Friday!

For IB2, we need to prepare application requirements by mid or end of November, and deadline for senior will is 1st of December. Make sure don’t forget these deadlines, otherwise you may mess up the whole year!