Saturday December 6

That was one of the best Saturdays ever!
Well, even if I had to wake up at 8:30, I really enjoyed the Escalade race with Liza and Dima, and other cool guys! Moreover I have met my classmates there, who were also running… We thought the race would be 5.2 km, but it was only 2.3, and we have finished it in 15 minutes! (Don’t ask me about the ranking, I have no idea which one we got)
After that we participated to another “race” – quickly pick up the cake for Mrs Usher (birthday surprise from the Prefect team), leave it at the Kempinski Hotel, come back to the Boarding House and get ready for the dinner!


The Xmas dance is another story, and it was amazing! Thanks to the best company – Nabi, Nuri, James, Matvey, Danon and of course Anastasia, Tanya, Lana, Rost, Lev, Eldar (XDDD)!
Diego, you have organized an amazing dinner for us 🙂 thank you!


After a week of being in a Boarding trip, Diego took holidays – hope he enjoyed them! And who replaced him at Dining Hall Meeting?… Romolo!

I remember my first year there, when the Boarding House Committee has been just created. Of course, I applied to it. We were a team of 20+ people, headed by Romolo. At that time I didn’t realize how many things we have done to change the school!

Actually, I want to thank everyone who is working hard to make CdL closer to a heaven on Earth – Mr Thezé, Mr Usher, Mme Salamin, Mr Calvini, Diego and other people. THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING JOB!

2nd part of cooking

The safari-Jeep3 lions

Not decorated yet




Before putting it to the Oven

After more than 5 hours of cooking we finally did it!

Meet our cookie-Safari! For sure, children will enjoy it tomorrow: you can play & eat:)

1st part of cooking

1st step of cookingNext Tuesday our teachers are coming to Villa Ecureuil… Of course, we are going surprise them with our cooking skills!

That’s why we are starting the creation of our Super-Tasty-Super-Beautiful-Course today… So, here are the products of the 1st step of cooking it: sugar, flour, cinnamon, ginger, butter, milk, honey…

Guess which course we want to make! 🙂

New solution :)

Every day I think about one important thing: in just a few months a lot of my friends will leave the school. Someone will change continent, others will move to other countries, and just few of my close friends are going to stay in Switzerland. When I think about that, I already miss my friends.

How will I connect with those who are going to the USA?
I don’t think that Skype would be very useful – sometimes my friend won’t have access to the Internet…

That’s why I was looking for other ways of communication… And I’ve found something really interesting!
Did you know about FreeCalls? You can call a person from Internet to a mobile phone for free! And it’s possible to call from Geneva to New York or S. Francisco! In this way  neither me, nor my friends would spend a lot of money on communications!

Now I can be sure that I won’t miss a day of my friends’ lives 🙂

Natasha`s Birthday

It is my friend Natasha’s birthday today!

And I am happy to celebrate her 18th anniversary with her:)

In fact, Natasha is a wonderful girl with a nice sense of humor and who sings about everything that she sees! ^^

To my lovely Natasha :-*

Natasha, I am very glad that we’ve met! You are one of my friends, to whom I am not afraid to tell the truth, because I am sure you will at least try to understand me 😉

I am happy that you’re staying in Switzerland next year, so I believe we will go out to Geneva together! Stay as shiny as you are, believe in yourself – you are able to become the person who you want to be!


To everyone ^^

Be happy and enjoy your life! 

Xmas party ^^

I’m really thankful to Maluen for such a nice party.

However I hope next time the champagne will be real, not the one for kids!!