On Sunday I went to the lake with my friend. It was so relaxing just to lie down and enjoy the beautiful day.


Feet. Beautiful view.

Feet. Beautiful view.

OMG look what happened to my arm!! I enjoyed the sun so much that I even got three different colours on my arm. So embarrassing, I am Brazilian, I should know how to tan!

OMG look what happened to my arm!! I enjoyed the sun so much that I even got three different colours on my arm. So embarrassing, I am Brazilian, I should know how to tan!


International Women’s Day

Look at Tong Tong's big smile :D

Look at Tong Tong’s big smile 😀 Well who wouldn’t be smiling with that delicious dessert in front of you

Yesterday was such an important day to all women! So to celebrate I went out with my girlfriends to do what we do best, EAT and without guilt!! The best feeling is when you eat so much for lunch to the point that you are still full when you go to bed, which is what happened to me yesterday.

Waiting for our food...

Waiting for our food…

We can do anything we want to, we just have to believe in ourselves

We can do anything we want to, we just have to believe in ourselves


Should This Be The Last Generation?

Everyone in my TOK class is supposed to ‘be the teacher’ for one day and it’s my turn next Thursday. So my question is ‘should this be the last generation?’ A professor of bioethics at Princeton ran an experiment, suggesting that we should consider if the best ethical choice for the planet and humankind is to stop reproduction, forcing humankind to become extinct.

When parents consider whether to have children or not, they take many things into account before making that decision. But few parents actually consider whether coming to existence is a good thing for the child. Some parents fear that the child’s life would be difficult as they might know of lethal inherited diseases the child might suffer from. This raises the question ‘how good does life have to be to make it reasonable to bring a child into the world?

Writer and philosopher Benatar claims that bringing into existence someone who will suffer is to harm that person, suggesting that we are being selfish by continuing reproduction, which will harm many children. To a certain extent I understand where he is coming from. I also believe that our generation is kind of spoiling things for the generations to come. We are contributing to global warming, we are not using limited resources properly and we also depend on technology a lot. However, I do think that everyone will suffer to some extent and that’s just a part of life. And also that the future generations will find a way to deal with those problems just like we deal with the problems now. Besides, human beings are very complex, there’s a lot more to us that we don’t even know. Humankind should not become extinct. What do you think?

Is the world better off with humans in it or without?


Blood Brothers

On Thursday, I went to the theatre with my English class to watch ‘Blood Brothers’. The play is about two twin brothers that are separated at birth; one of them is kept with their birth mother, while the other is given to a wealthy family that are unable to conceive. But the story has a twist to it: Mrs Lyons (the wealthy mother) is superstitious, she believes that if twins separated at birth learn that they were once one of a pair they will both immediately die. After seven years separated, Micky and Eddie end up meeting and becoming ‘blood brothers for life’, unaware of their relations to each other or of the consequences their relationship will bring. Although they keep on being separated, they are always brought back together somehow.‘Blood brothers’ also explores the difference in classes, lifestyle, values and morals of the two families. ‘Blood Brothers’ is filled with emotion and deception.

To be honest, at first I wasn’t that excited about watching the play. I had no expectations. When we got there I found out that the actors in the play were teenagers, most of them being younger than me. Within five minutes watching the play, I was very surprised at how some of those actors were incredibly talented, especially the fourteen-year-old that played Mrs Lyons. Her facial expressions were just incredible, I felt and believed every single word she was saying. I really enjoyed the first part of the play, it was very funny, I didn’t enjoy the second part as much though. I think that some parts were a little rushed. Overall, I had a really good time and I think that I am now going to go to the theatre more often.

Thinking Big

During the half-term break I visited an Art exhibition called Thinking Big in London. Thinking Big is a special auction of major contemporary installations and sculpture. The exhibition was truly inspiring; I saw some artworks that were so intriguing and different from what I usually see.

The picture below is one of the works that interested me the most. It shows a large installation of 264 figures sitting. The figures are made of aluminium. But they are empty inside. I got a feeling of emptiness and sadness from the work. It’s like those people were so sad that they became empty inside.

If anyone is going to London anytime soon I suggest they should visit this exhibition.

Missing my dog

It’s been almost two months since I left home. I like being at this school but I really miss my home and my dog. Luffy is the cutest dog in the world and I really miss everything about him.

I miss him asking me for food…

I miss his moustache…

I miss him chilling on the sofa…

I miss him sleeping…

I just can’t wait to go back to Brazil and see this little cutie and give him a big hug!


This is the last school year for many of us in the boarding house, which means that we have to start applying to universities. Most of my friends are not happy with the idea of going to university, since that means more responsibility and leaving our friends behind. However, I am quite positive with the idea of moving forward and meeting new people. I can’t wait for next year. I can’t wait to live in the UK and make new friends. I am so excited to finally study something I love, which is Psychology. I’ve already started preparing for my University application. I spent the whole week-end working on my personal statement. I want it to be as good as possible so that I can get into my dream University.


Because yesterday was a holiday, we were all happy to just have a relaxing day instead of having to work hard in school. However, that was not the case for some of us! That’s because our trunks had finally arrived and we had to unpack and work harder than we do at school. Don’t get us wrong, we were extremely happy to finally get our things back, including books and clothes, but that meant unpacking…



After having spent the whole day unpacking, this is what our room looked like. We’ve finally got our stuff and everything seems well organized, so let’s try to keep it that way… And the plus side is that it finally feels like home!! 😀 😀

By the roomies Juliana and Natasha