Come Dine With Us!

A very nice activity that the senior students started organizing and participating to is called “Come Dine With Me” – perhaps some of you may be familiar with the popular TV program… Well, it implies a bit of planning and especially the willingness to display one’s culinary talents, but the results are always very interesting!

Last Tuesday the Meritas girls were invited to cook at Villa Mies – and it was already an invitation worth accepting in itself due to the fact that Villa Mies is the latest addiction to the outside Villas of CDL and not all of us had seen it yet! However, no matter how good (or… “differently good”!) the cooking is, it always turns into a fun night where boarders meet in a different environment and are thus able to socialize in a more relaxed way.

It was a beautiful girls’ night!

Welcome 2013!

And welcome back to all the Meritas students!

The arrival after the Christmas holidays has happened really smoothly… and everybody is settling back into the CDL atmosphere and routine nicely, it seems!

It is a pleasure to see friends reuniting, hanging out together to tell about their holiday adventures and parties with glowing faces and sparkling eyes… And it is also nice to hear that many have missed CDL and their lives here! I believe this is one of the many beautiful and enriching sides of being part of a big international family of friends 🙂

I wish all a great 2013, full of joy, satisfaction, achievements and growth!

Boarders’ awards!

Today boarders were given recognition for their endeavours in the academic and boarding fields. I must say that I was very excited just to be in the Eiger auditorium: it was so full, and everybody was excited and (quite interestingly) listening in silence! The atmosphere was really beautiful.

Of course, recognizing someone’s efforts and perseverance is important because it makes that person feel that working hard does bear its fruits… but I was particularly proud because Meritas as a house had one of the best rankings!! It made me feel very good, because I do know that the Meritas Girls do have a special “something” 🙂 and it is great that others recognize this!

Once again, I would like to congratulate all of the boarders in this villa on their talents and on being so beautifully unique. Bravo!!


For boarding life: Natalia Kuleshova

Activities participation: Claire Hutin

Best GPAs: Luciana Yin and Natalia Korennaya




November is here! Marked by the Halloween traditional pumpkin-carving night, this new month full of challenges and excitement has begun.

All the students in Meritas are very busy, school tasks and deadlines are just behind the corner… every week! But it is also the time for friendships, for the strengthening of relationships and for cozy breaks in the kitchen, sitting with a hot cup of tea or sharing a yummy chocolate-something together while checking the latest videos on the computer.

November is a month that somehow invites to go in, to focus and concentrate. I feel that all the Meritas Girls are really gathering their energies to dive right into all the intense weeks awaiting them before Christmas… And all I can say is: “Yes! Be strong and determined!” I am sure the results of all your efforts will be worth it.

In the meantime… let’s carve some pumpkins!