Valentine’s Day Past

Guys, this lovely day has just passed, and i want you to realize one thing – all of us we are beautiful girls who do not need anyone to make us feel so. Women were always the strongest part of the population, so turn on “I will survive” and luagh at the face of boys’ drama.

P.S. This emancipation-like statement is dedicated to all the girls from CDL boarding community no matter wether they are single or in

Paris Fashion Week

Villa Ecureuil is famous for its passion for fashion, so I decided to dedicate this post to the Paris Fashion Week which took place last week-end in France.

Spring Looks from Paris for Me)ritas girls ;) enjoy

Spring Looks from Paris for Ecureuil girls 😉 enjoy

Second collection for Balenciaga from Alexander Wang

Second collection for Balenciaga from Alexander Wang

Celebrity front row by Dior

Celebrity front row by Dior

The strict, almost-Puritan silhouettes from last season appeared again. Thanks to Valentino

The strict, almost-Puritan silhouettes from last season appeared again. Thanks to Valentino

Lets have a party! from Lanvin

Lets have a party! from Lanvin

Fashion is our profession. Hope to see you, girls, at the Paris Fashion Week one day 😉


A couple of days ago, me and Natasha Kuleshova gave the interview to one of the Swiss tv channels.
I’ve never been through this kind of experience, but I must admit that was nice and exciting.
The questions were simple, but interesting. What is more important, that our parents can be now proud of us “young celebrities” as our friends call us now 😉

Thanks to the Boarding Office for such possibility!

IB survival

November is gonna be tough for IB2, as we are having our TOK (Theory of knowledge) presentations.
Those 40 minutes long conversations about ethical issues require patience and strong nervous system.
I’ve done mine already;) Good luck guys!


When two roomies have birthdays is just amazing 🙂 Flowers are everywhere, literally! 🙂 Thanks to everyone who made our home so cosy and bright 😉

Getting Well

This piece of writing I dedicate to the most united and affable boarding house. For the whole week I’ve been sick and felt really bad. Fortunately, girls were always around to help me with something. Thanks to them, now I’m feeling good as usual. Thanks to my roommates for supporting me and helping with catching up 🙂

An evening on the lake

On 26th of May all the boarding community had an official evening out. The CDL’s administration rented a nice boat, so all the boarders and the boarding management could enjoy the (almost) summer evening and the lake view.

We had a delicious dinner, some speeches dedicated to the main achievements of this year and graduating students. It’s amazing to spend some time together, talking, listening to the music, wearing smart clothes and just enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

All of us would love to have something similar again next year 🙂

Chinese cooking night

Girls of Meritas are not only good at studying but also at cooking.

Last week me and my roommate Dina decided to try to prepare something Chinese as it got really popular. In Migro which is nearby we bought Basmati rice, found very interesting receipts in the internet and occupied the kitchen for almost an hour.

The taste of our “hand-made” food was quite specific, but still we liked it. That was a nice way to spend some time together and to put the level of cooking a bit higher.

Next week we are planning to prepare something Russian, as some of us really miss Russian borsh!