Holiday time in Russia

In Russia we celebrate Easter a little bit differently than in Europe.

Here are some pictures from Saturday the 19 of April. We brought Easter food to the church  to consecrate it.IMG_2579This was only a preparation for the holiday. We are not allowed to eat anything that is prepared for Easter on that day. Sunday morning begins with a competition: the winner is the one who picks up the strongest egg. I lost 2 times because my egg cracked. Easter eggs have to be eaten before any meal on that day.

My week-end

I want to share with you my experience of going from Geneva to Versoix on roller-skates. First of all, google lies about the time it takes you. It is only around an hour, no more than that; on the other hand, it is actually better, because it is not that far… Starting from the Geneva train station, we skated next to the lake! It was a sunny day and the view was amazing, but for some reason we couldn’t see the mountains. Anyway, most of the time they are  visible, so actually it wasn’t a big deal. Another half of the journey was next to the road. I thought that it was very long. I remember when I was taking the CDL bus to Geneva and the road seemed to be too long, but actually it is not, I realized. And this is another good news for me!!!  At the end my friend and I went to the Versoix lake to have lunch. It was very nice, home-made food, mmm… 🙂
I really enjoyed that day and I hope we will repeat it!!IMG_0929 1964854_832060853478115_643975025_n


Another week-end

It was my 3rd time in Crans-Montana, but the first time skiing this year… Finally I got to ride “normally”. There is nothing easier than skiing! I don’t fill comfortable snowboarding. All the small hills on the slopes were mine ;). Time passes so quickly when you do something you like, plus it is a good way of releasing energy and for some hours forget about IB. My best part of the week-end was social hour after dinner on Saturday: we had a little snow ball fight-game, where the boys won! Now I am back to school as well… must finish my maths IA!

busy weekend

This week-end was full of activities. The Ecureuil girls were busy every day. On Friday afternoon, everyone was rushing to prepare for Christmas dance. Right after school, the great preparation began. By 6 o’clock we were all ready to go. Christmas dance was 5 hours long, so by the end of the day we were very tired.

On Saturday morning, some of the girls had a race in the old town centre – the Course de l’Escalade. The day was quite warm and sunny, so it was a pleasure to have a small run in the morning.

Sunday was also very intense: more that half of the boarding school when to see the Cirque du Soleil. It was an amazing show and everyone was very excited.

The week-end is over, and now it is the last full week before holidays.

Well done girls, keep it up! It’s almost holiday time ☺