We had a very active week-end!

This week-end some of the Ecureuil girls enjoyed different activities.

The long excursion on Sunday took them to Gruyère, home of the famous Swiss cheese – a very interesting small village with plenty of style and interesting things… Like this special coffee and art shop, where the works of the famous artist HR Giger are displayed (“Alien”, anyone?). After this, a visit to the Cailler chocolate factory was a real delight!

img_3472 img_3473 img_3479 img_3480 img_3478 thumb_img_4870_1024

Other Ecureuil girls enjoyed an intense Body Shaping class with Linda in the fitness room. Well done!


A quiet but “full” week-end

Many things happened during this (late) spring week-end…

Our great Ingrid was accepted to Ecole Hôteliere de Lausanne! YAHOOO!! Congratulations! Now… just less than two weeks of hard work and then off to some well-deserved holidays for you!

FullSizeRender (2)

Then… Lots of activities happened on campus, even if the weather was not totally on our side, especially on Saturday. Tennis, horseback riding, swimming, almost-wakeboarding (it started raining again just before the activity could take off!), soccer, foot-golf, body shaping, aqua park …

x IMG_0724IMG_6187And, last but not least… Congratulations to Collège du Léman’s sailing teams, crossing the line of the 78th Bol d’Or Mirabaud, the most important inland lake regatta in the world. Time – 23:07:48 & 23:38:11. Well done to both!! ‪#‎bom2016‬‪#‎regatta‬ ‪#‎collegeduleman‬


Boarding Awards ceremony

Yesterday afternoon the Boarding Awards ceremony took place in our Auditorium in order to aknowledge the great performace of many of the Collège du Léman boarders.

Three categories were mentioned: boarding House life, boarding activites, academics.

The Ecureuil ladies did well in all three categories! YAHOO!!

Tatiana K

Tatiana Kuzmina – best improvement in IB2 during the second marking period


Shizhe – best academic result for High School in the second marking period


Enkhlin – best participation to boarding House activities


Elizaveta – best participation to boarding House life


International Motor Show!

Today our boarders went to the Geneva Motor Show… In our House, Elizaveta and Nilgoun decided to get up early and join the others to be there and see the last day of the Show. Everybody left at 8:30, which is no small sacrifice on a Sunday morning!

However, seeing these pictures, one can say it was worth it… Maybe cars are not everybody’s favorite item, but in this Show you have a chance to see vehicles you can rarely see on the road on a daily basis. Fantastic!

IMG_7698 IMG_7654 IMG_7614 IMG_7677 IMG_7693

Our week-ends are full!

Yes! So many things are happening on and off campus during the week-end! And the Ecureuil girls are participating to many different activities…

Here are some highlights from the last February week-end:


Above, the two Tatianas enjoying ice skating in Nyon on Sunday…


… And here you can see Aleksandra in full boxing outfit on Saturday!


Awards Ceremony this afternoon

This afternoon the first Award Ceremony of the school year took place in the Eiger Auditorium.

It was such a successful celebration for the Ecureuil girls! First of all, Nilgoun started the event by playing a beautiful piece on the piano.

IMG_7363 IMG_7362

And then the Awards! Paola was awarded the prize concerning participation to Boarding Activities, while Tatiana B the one for Boarding House life. On top of that, our Eileen received a prize for best High School academic results in the first marking period, amazing!

Let’s just make it an exceptional year all the way… Keep up the great work, ladies!

IMG_7365 IMG_7367PS: Paola is definitely camera-shy, so I will try to photograph her as soon as possible!


Ropes Course today!

Today we went to the Ropes Course, an activity we chose to do all together as a House. We went to an “Adventure Park” in a beautiful green area in Signal de Bougy, full of luscious tall trees! There are many different “courses” one can choose from, depending on his/her age and on the degree of difficulty one feels like dealing with… There are some intense moments anyway! Like… when you have to walk on moving wooden planks, or on a straight steel cable… However, wearing a good harness and having those fantastic “carabiners” (double locking snap hooks) makes all the difference – one feels safe and can even dare to do things that he/she would not usually do!!

For me it was really fun… even if there was an embarrassing moment 🙂 almost at the end of a 12 zip-line course… I did not make it to the arrival platform and had to ask for assistance!! HA! But after that it was easy…

What I loved the most was the fact that there were many of us, walking around among the trees, but it was peaceful… One could hear voices here and there but I almost had the feeling I was alone in the forest.

FullSizeRender (8) IMG_6307 IMG_6326 - Copy IMG_6317 FullSizeRender (23) IMG_6356 FullSizeRender (12)

And the winners are….

Last Thursday the Boarding Awards Ceremony took place in the Eiger Auditorium. It is a beautiful gathering where all students, tutors and boarding & academic management reunite to give praise to students who really shone particularly brightly during the first marking period.

In our House, these young ladies were awarded:

Natalia Korennaya, for her participation to Boarding House life:

Inna Savchuck, for her participation to Boarding House activities (no picture here because our winner was visiting with her family in Geneva!),

and – last but not least! – Juliana Yin, for her academic performance!!

What a great honor for all of them to be awarded, and for our Boarding House to be so well represented!

Thank you girls!!!



New experience

Since the beginning of the school year I had time to sign up to many interesting activities, such as yoga, horseback riding and paragliding; I also applied to the Dining Hall Committee. I already practiced all of them, but what really impressed me is a charity named ZOA which is organized by College du Leman to raise money and support an orphanage in Zambia, known as the ‘Serenje Orphans Childrens Home’ (SOCH). The most exciting thing about this charity is that every two years they organize a trip to Zambia. I am really glad and pleased that I can participate and help children from Zambia. As a conclusion, I wanted to say that if you try to be as active as you can,  you will see that a whole new world opens its doors to you.