Awards Ceremony this afternoon

This afternoon the first Award Ceremony of the school year took place in the Eiger Auditorium.

It was such a successful celebration for the Ecureuil girls! First of all, Nilgoun started the event by playing a beautiful piece on the piano.

IMG_7363 IMG_7362

And then the Awards! Paola was awarded the prize concerning participation to Boarding Activities, while Tatiana B the one for Boarding House life. On top of that, our Eileen received a prize for best High School academic results in the first marking period, amazing!

Let’s just make it an exceptional year all the way… Keep up the great work, ladies!

IMG_7365 IMG_7367PS: Paola is definitely camera-shy, so I will try to photograph her as soon as possible!


Boarders’ Award Ceremony

Yesterday afternoon many boarders received awards for their academic achievements and participation to boarding life and activities. Our House was very well represented indeed!

Aleksandra Kuznetcova: Boarding Life award

Anastasia Trudovaia: Boarding Activities award

Tanya Paul: Best Academic Achievement for IB2

Inna Savchuk: Best Academic Achievement for Terminale Maturité

Hats off to you, fantastic ladies! And congratulations to all for being there and doing your best!! See you at the next Award Ceremony… you have many chances to be up there on the stage :)))

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