Fantastic Week…

Good afternoon,

Last  week the Ecureuil girls were very kind to share many pictures enjoying their time in Geneva and in school.


The picture above was taken from one of the student in College Du Leman. She was kind enough to take a photo of our boarding house crazy photo shoot.


This picture above was taken in our garden at night after we had our first fire alarm practice. Everyone got out of the house very quick and calmly. It was a success!


In the picture, from left, Yvonne, Michelle, Charcy and Jiusi is posing for a cute filter selfie after school. Even a hard day makes everything better with some selfies..


From the left, there is Rina and Katia posing for some snapchat selfies.
They are so adorable with a cute deer filter!


This is Enkhlin with some “old man filter” trying to be funny, and reading a book upside down. How clever is she? We love her humor very much <3


This is Katia. Last weekend she went to Chamoix. The picture is taken in the top of Mont-Blanc mountain. She enjoyed the view very much!! And she discovered that even though it is warm in Geneva, it is very cold up in the mountains. She advices to take a sweater if anyone wants to visit!!

We all had a very successful and wonderful week in school; enjoying classes and making more memories with each other and our friends.
I can’t wait to see the pictures they will send me about this weekend!

Boarding Awards ceremony

Yesterday afternoon the Boarding Awards ceremony took place in our Auditorium in order to aknowledge the great performace of many of the Collège du Léman boarders.

Three categories were mentioned: boarding House life, boarding activites, academics.

The Ecureuil ladies did well in all three categories! YAHOO!!

Tatiana K

Tatiana Kuzmina – best improvement in IB2 during the second marking period


Shizhe – best academic result for High School in the second marking period


Enkhlin – best participation to boarding House activities


Elizaveta – best participation to boarding House life


Welcome to Villa Ecureuil for a new year full of adventures!

It is a pleasure for Esther and myself, the House Parents at Villa Ecureuil, to welcome you to our House Blog. We hope you will be Frequent Visitors so that you will be able to follow our daily and weekly adventures in the Great World of Boarding at CDL!


We are about to begin the new academic year and we are pretty excited about our beautiful family and home-away-from home: the 14 Ecureuil ladies this year are a great mixture of nationalities, styles, expressions and cultures and it feels like it is the perfect recipe for lots of fun and adventures!

Stay tuned for more news, written directly from the hands of our great boarders… In the meantime, here are some photos taken today, the day before The Beginning!



IMG_5782 FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender


PS: a great, heartfelt welcome to the new boarders arrived so far! Paola from Mexico and France, Maëlys from Switzerland and France – totally new students at CDL… And also to Vera and Eileen who moved to Villa Ecureuil from other CDL Boarding Houses!




Boarders’ Award Ceremony

Yesterday afternoon many boarders received awards for their academic achievements and participation to boarding life and activities. Our House was very well represented indeed!

Aleksandra Kuznetcova: Boarding Life award

Anastasia Trudovaia: Boarding Activities award

Tanya Paul: Best Academic Achievement for IB2

Inna Savchuk: Best Academic Achievement for Terminale Maturité

Hats off to you, fantastic ladies! And congratulations to all for being there and doing your best!! See you at the next Award Ceremony… you have many chances to be up there on the stage :)))

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image (2)

image (3)

Home, sweet home…

It’s when you are far from home that you realize how lucky you were to have parents, brothers, sisters and friends near you.

Being a boarder could be hard, but being in the Ecureil/Villa Meritas makes it easier I think. For me it’s the MOST beautiful and homey villa on the campus and the girls who are living there are amazing. I feel lucky to live here and with them.