The February break is starting soon!

In Villa Ecureuil everybody is getting ready for the upcoming break… Someone will leave the country to go and meet her family back home, someone will travel to a holiday destination somewhere else in the world (maybe a warm and sunny place?), while others will stay and go to Crans-Montana for a week of world-class skiing!!

Crans and Montana are two really beautiful villages in the heart of the Swiss region that offers some of the best skiing in Europe… We have the great chance to enjoy fantastic snow there – it must be snowing as I am typing this piece, on a windy, rainy night in Geneva!



So the story goes….


A lonely bunny in a very nice field… looking around…

It’s clear! He’s been left alone because all the students have left the Boarding House!! Searching for their eggs back in their home countries…

Easter eggs and bunny

happy easter

Enjoy this well-deserved break, everybody!! See you in a couple of weeks… maybe a bit later… maybe at your Graduation Ceremony!!



Getting close to the end of the first marking period

As most of us are applying to universities, this first marking period is still crucial. We have done a lot of work about TOK presentations, extended essays and applications.

This Friday, the first marking period will end. Meritas (Ecureuil) girls can have a short break finally, but before that, there are two more days, so let’s carry on with our works!

I suppose all of us are working very hard and trying to get good grades. So, good luck guys!!!

Keep calm and carry on.