The kitchen is always a happy place

Tonight the miracle of baking yummy cookies happened again in the Villa Ecureuil kitchen… And chocolate cookies at that! Jiusi prepared a good quantity of chocolate and chocolate-chip cookies which will be sold tomorrow in school to gather money for the MADS charity.

Other girls were in the kitchen, bringing fruits to the House for our afternoon snacks and chatting the time away.

A fantastic smell still lingers in the House… We will all have sweet dreams tonight!

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The first snow of the season :)


This is us today… and tomorrow! Well, let’s just say that it looks like winter has already arrived. Maybe it is just a “taste” of what the season will be like later… however, the change today was quite intense! But it is always beautiful to see those flakes falling, even if today they did not really stick to the ground.

Time for a cup of hot chocolate!

Chocolate workshop

Is there anything better than going to a heavenly place that smells like chocolate in order to learn some “secrets of the trade”? I think there isn’t… especially if one happens to live in Switzerland!

Last Sunday a group of CDL boarders went to a Chocolate Workshop organized in a local, super-yummy factory… And Inna was one of the participants! Here are a couple of pictures of what happened…

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Visit to the Cailler Chocolate Factory on Sunday, Oct 6

Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the doors of a working chocolate factory? Would you like to discover where Cailler chocolate comes from and how it is made? Are you eager to learn about the different types of chocolate and how the delicious Cailler chocolate assortments are created?

This museum is very good. It starts with a movie showing different historic short footage about the factory’s history. Then it’s a walk through the history of chocolate, ending up in the factory itself. You get to feel, smell and taste the raw materials of chocolate, witness its production and sample its results (eat as much as you like of 20-30 varieties). By the end of the day it is almost impossible too look at any piece of chocolate, as your stomach is ready to explode.

With an informative excursion we were able to be fully involved into the chocolate production.  We were able to create our own unique bar filling with a favourite type of chocolate as well as decorating it with nuts, crisps or cinnamon. By this you can create your perfect receipt of the chocolate from your dreams, you can either share it or eat it by yourself.

Shopping was also a turning point in out excursion as you ought to buy as much as you can in order to feed with tempting chocolate not only yourself but also all your friends and relatives. Indeed the Cailler shop was huge, containing loads of different types of chocolate and sweets. Even the most critical person can find a perfect piece of sweet temptation on the shelves and buy as many as he wants for the acceptable price!

Overall the trip to the chocolate factory was impressive for me and with rivers of hot chocolate I also gained positive emotions and memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.