A fun night at the Christmas Dance!

It was a really beautiful evening! Lots of wonderful dresses and outfits, hairdos, high heels, smart guys and good food… What else can you ask for?

It was a time for talking, laughing, taking LOTS of photos (there was even a CDL Photo Booth!), and then dancing!

Here are some pictures…

Ingrid and Enkhling posing in the House before leaving


And at the Kempinski hotel…

Aleksandra with her friend Anastasia


Paola and Maëlys

FullSizeRender (6)

Shizhe and Rui

Elizaveta and Nilgoun

FullSizeRender (3)


FullSizeRender (2)


Tatiana and AnastasiaFullSizeRender (7)

IMG_7465And the girls taking a picture at the Photo Booth!



’tis time for goodbyes!

It is Friday, December 19, and there are only two people left in Villa Ecureuil: Ingrid, who will take her flight tomorrow morning (very early!) and myself…

This means that almost all the Ecureuil girls have reached their destination: home for the holidays!

Wishing you all a well-deserved break… Have fun, relax, revise! And enjoy being with your beloved ones 🙂


Secret Santa came to visit :)



Last Wednesday the tradition was renewed again – the Secret Santa meeting was organized in our lounge… and in order to celebrate this meeting with more… gusto!, it was preceded by a nice pizza dinner 🙂 with home-made apple cake!








It’s all about preparations..

The atmosphere in the air has been absolutely electrifying with a hint of excitement this weekend! There was the annual CDL Christmas Dinner for students and staff, the event took place in Starling Hotel on the 1st of December. I think that I can confidently say that most of the girls were getting ready a few weeks in advance. Clearly, high heels and pretty dresses don’t just appear from out of nowhere and getting ready a few weeks in advance just shows the dedication. Furthermore, most of the girls took preparations to the next level and even went to the hairdressers and stylists to look gorgeous on that day. Although the preparations for the evening were tiring, in a way they were captivating and memorable because it feels great to feel more alluring once in a while; besides, boosting a gal’s confidence won’t do any harm to anyone, especially if she’s rocking a pair of stunning heels.

The evening went quite well for all of us: despite the catering delays, overall the food was delicious, the atmosphere was relaxed and my dearest mates from Kavkaz danced the famous “Lezginka” dance, I must admit that it was unforgettable and graceful.

I assume that the next memorable event in CDL will be the graduation for Seniors’13. Let’s start getting ready for this significant day in our mates’ lives in advance.