Halloween and Katia’s 18th Birthday!!!

Good evening,

We had a October Halloween dress up between the boarders after they came back from the holidays..
Everyone dressed up super nice and we took several pictures.
From left, there is Ivonne, Charcy, Jiusi and Michelle.
They look very Halloween with their make up!
This is another picture of them by Leman building posing for a picture with some Halloween. They look very cute!

This picture was sent by Katia, looking very “motorcycle woman” with some Halloween make-up.

The first picture is a selfie from Rina, posing with her own craved pumpkin! Very cute even with her Halloween make-up!
The second picture, from the left Rina and Runa posing before going to carve pumpkins!

This picture was taken in Olympus, from the left there are Sofia, Elsa, Katia and Paola.
They all look very nice with their costume.
Every boarding house had a different theme for the costume and ours was motorcycle girls!
Other boarding house girls look nice also, and everyone is creative this year!

This is Yvonne, studying very hard during her study hall time but not forgetting to take care of her skin.
Winter season!  Even this is only November, it has already snowed in Versoix! It is crazy! She is a role model for everyone who has a dry skin during winter, never forget to take care of your body and health even during study hall!


This is Runa enjoying her break during her study time.
How can a little fun hurt you, right?

This is Michelle, who was very tired after double study hall.
Everyone can see how hard she works very on her studies, and even when she leaves her room!

Last week, our “little” Katia turned 18, on Saturday the 5th of November!
We were very happy to hear that she has been reunited with her brother for the weekend to celebrate her birthday.
From the boarding house family, we organized a little surprise birthday party and dinner for her when she returned on Sunday.
Here are several pictures and videos of her and the family enjoying the cake, pizza and some catch-up time with music!
These are the several videos we shoot for her birthday party and dinner in the boarding House: img_5402 , img_5393 , img_5382

I hope everyone will have a great week without getting sick!!!


Chinese dinner

Here begins our long season of tasty adventures! One of the advantages of living in an international community is… World Cuisine! Thanks to our Dining Hall Committee and to many great and committed boarders who dedicate their time and cooking skills, we are able to taste amazing dishes from all corners of the planet.

Last Wednesday we had a fabulous Chinese Dinner!

And here are some photos of our beautiful Ecureuil cooks and helpers, Eileen and Vera, with some of their friends behind the kitchen counter. Thank you!

_DSC6863 _DSC6775 _DSC6813

_DSC6812 _DSC6856

Secret Santa came to visit :)



Last Wednesday the tradition was renewed again – the Secret Santa meeting was organized in our lounge… and in order to celebrate this meeting with more… gusto!, it was preceded by a nice pizza dinner 🙂 with home-made apple cake!








Party time!

Christmas_PartyLast night one of the most awaited events took place in Hotel Kempinski in Geneva: the traditional CDL Christmas Dance!

Shall I tell you something about the feverish preparation that lasted at least two days for our beautiful ladies? 🙂 No, I will leave that to your imagination… But they were all so beautiful and elegant and just.. special!!!

Here are some pictures of the evening… at the Boarding House and at the dinner party.





IMG_1500 IMG_1489 IMG_1486 IMG_1526


Our fantastic Elena was the first of the Prefects to give a speech before the dancing began!



And then, of course, staff members enjoyed a great dinner, too!!

IMG_1508 IMG_1509 IMG_1506


I am looking forward to seeing all the pictures that were taken last night! A really great happening… 🙂


Happy Chinese New Year !

chinese new year

It was Chinese New Year last week, all the Chinese students in CDL celebrated together and had a really good time.  I was kind of upset at the beginning of that day, because all my friends back home are on holidays and celebrating with their families, but I still have homework and class. But when my friends and I went to the Chinese restaurant and had dinner together, I enjoyed it a lot and forgot my bad mood, we were so excited and we even celebrated with the people in the restaurant.

Chinese New Year is the most important traditional Chinese holiday, celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar. We also call it Spring Festival, the literal translation of the modern Chinese name: it goes from the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, making the festival the longest in the Chinese calendar. And also because the Chinese calendar is “lunisolar”, the Chinese New Year is often referred to as the “Lunar New Year”.

From the 1st day of the Spring Festival to the 15th day which is the Lantern Festival, people celebrate different things and eat different food each day. Moreover every year has a different animal symbol, for example, the horse is the symbol of 2014.


National Holiday!

I am writing my very first blog this year today, October 1st. It might seem like an ordinary school day to most of the students at school, however October 1st is the national day of People’s Republic of China.

It is celebrated throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. People celebrate this day by various events such as concerts, firework displays, as well as a ceremony at Tian’anmen Square in Beijing. The national day is a very important day in China, not only because it was a milestone inthe formation of People’s Republic of China, but also because people usually have a 7-day holiday from Oct 1st to Oct 7th. This is a long holiday if compared to some other traditional festivals in China. However, although Chinese celebrate many holidays and festivals by eating different kinds of food, there is no special food for the national day, but it is still a tradition for families to gather together and have a cozy dinner. Well, I haven’t been spending this day in China for three years but I still can imagine what it would be like on this day in China and hopefully I can experience it again next year. So… to draw this short blog post to a close, I guess I should end by saying, happy birthday China.


It’s all about preparations..

The atmosphere in the air has been absolutely electrifying with a hint of excitement this weekend! There was the annual CDL Christmas Dinner for students and staff, the event took place in Starling Hotel on the 1st of December. I think that I can confidently say that most of the girls were getting ready a few weeks in advance. Clearly, high heels and pretty dresses don’t just appear from out of nowhere and getting ready a few weeks in advance just shows the dedication. Furthermore, most of the girls took preparations to the next level and even went to the hairdressers and stylists to look gorgeous on that day. Although the preparations for the evening were tiring, in a way they were captivating and memorable because it feels great to feel more alluring once in a while; besides, boosting a gal’s confidence won’t do any harm to anyone, especially if she’s rocking a pair of stunning heels.

The evening went quite well for all of us: despite the catering delays, overall the food was delicious, the atmosphere was relaxed and my dearest mates from Kavkaz danced the famous “Lezginka” dance, I must admit that it was unforgettable and graceful.

I assume that the next memorable event in CDL will be the graduation for Seniors’13. Let’s start getting ready for this significant day in our mates’ lives in advance.