Our trip to Zambia is getting closer and closer, now I am trying to improve our fund-raising. In order to help our Orphanage in Zambia, to help children to handle the future of their country and be then able to have a better future themselves, I am especially working on the fund-raising for the clothes and shoes, and also trying to raise money to be able to check the health of these children. I am really excited about this project. Even 5 francs per each of you could really be meaningful for ZOA and so for the children. It could pay their meals and a future education for them . Even if 5 francs don’t seem like a lot, I wish people could understand that just 5 francs can actually save a life in Africa.






Helping doesn’t cost anything

Nowadays, poverty is getting worse in some countries while others are getting richer. We need to keep in mind that we have all we have thanks to these countries which are suffering in poverty now. It’s not a secret that rich countries are exploiting these poor countries. Of course we cannot stop this like that! However, we can help them by doing some small gestures . We don’t need to give thousands of dollars or euros, but we can help with small actions… Such as giving the clothes that we don’t wear any more or that are too small to some poor children, women or men through the Red Cross. Here in our school we have some really amazing associations which help to raise funds, and I am really proud of this! I am a part of one of them called ZOA, and I’m trying my best to help! There are many events created in order to help these countries. We can make the world change little by little , and it is amazing!