Welcome to the new Ecureuil girls!

A belated welcome message to inform you that our House has now reached full capacity, thanks to the arrival of Karolina and Maria Alejandra!

Respectively from Poland and Mexico, these two young ladies enrich our House with their beautiful presence and make it an even more varied environment… We now have 11 nationalities represented in Villa Ecureuil!

It is great to have you here with us! 🙂

Shopping for the Master Chef competition!

We are getting ready to cook and present a menu to a very special jury of four! And this is how the shopping went in Versoix…

shopping-for-house-competition-2 shopping-for-master-chefThere are some fun short videos, too!! Click here: shopping-girls-1 shopping-girls-2

We will let you know the results of the competition… Have a great week-end!

Pumpkins galore! – with a “twist”

Tonight pumpkin carving was the activity after dinner: each boarder got busy with preparing his or her own pumpkin in order to decorate the school campus. However, the new idea was to also participate to this with a special outfit or make-up on… And the Ecureuil girls chose a theme: “Zombie Bikers”. This is what they looked like! Scary and fun 🙂 I hope we won the Halloween competition!

Weekend of Happiness

Good afternoon,

This weekend the girls from our House did a lot of things:
A few of girls, Katia, Muzoon, Rina and Runa went to EuropaPark; Paola went to see her family in Paris and others just stayed in Geneva and had a relaxing weekend, studying and sleeping…


The first couple of pictures were taken by Katia.

The first picture was taken in front of the water fountain in EuropaPark. In the picture, from left, Esther, Muzoon, Sofia, Katia, Elsa,Helen and Rina.
The second picture was taken in the street of EuropaPark. From the left, Rina, Katia, Sofia, Elsa and Helen.
They looks like the Beatles 🙂


The two pictures above were sent from Runa. On the left: Katya, Rina and Runa. They look so happy because they bought stuffed pillows. They look so cute <3
The right picture was taken in EuropaPark with Daniya, Iza, Sonya, Katya and Runa. They look like professional people waiting in line to go on to attractions.
This picture was sent from Enkhlin. She went to Geneva with her friends to go around and have a relaxing weekend.
In the picture, from the left, Kaito, Francesca and Enkhlin.


This picture was send from Charcy. It was taken in Geneva. They look like they are having a relaxing time with Starbucks coffee in their hand!
In the picture, from the left, Jiusi, Michelle and Charcy.
I am so glad to see Michelle out of her chair in our room and having her time to relax in Geneva with her friends <3 <3


This is the last picture, sent from Paola. She visited Monet’s garden and house in Paris. She described the visit as ‘so much culture’. I am happy she had fun catching up with her family and friends in Paris <3

I hope everyone else had a good weekend, and wishing all a safe trip during their holidays!

Relaxing weekend

Last weekend most of the boarders in Ecureuil had a relaxing time.
Some of them went to Geneva, some to Milano and south of France.
They were nice enough to share some pictures with me…


Rina shared with me her exciting picture of a squirrel climbing up the tree.
She was kind enough to take a picture for everyone to see!
In the Ecureuil boarding house there is a squirrel living in the tree 🙂
How awesome!


And there is Paola, enjoying her weekend in Aix en Provence, South of France.
What a beautiful picture with the sunset behind her!


This picture was taken before we had our first official meeting with the school counselor.
(From left: Katia, Rina, Maelys, Paola, Kanoko and Enkhlin). Everyone had a busy Monday in school and was exhausted…
It was a meeting to meet the school counselor and talk about when and how we can take an appointment.
We also shared some questions and issues anonymously by writing them on a piece of paper, and most of our problems were about our future, passing IB and this academic year.
In my opinion, the essential is focusing on what matters and staying positive. In the end, good things will happen.

I can’t wait to see more pictures of the girls this week!




Last week-end, a couple of the girls from the Annex went to Geneva.
Up above are the pictures they took of the sky and the lake.
Girls are getting used to Geneva city and shopping, touring around!!
The picture on the left was taken by Charcy and right one was taken by Enkhlin 🙂


This picture was taken in the main house. Yvonne was missing home and brought her rabbit with her to cuddle at night !! She is so cute !


The picture above was taken in the garden in the rainy weather after our House Competition. It was the Cheer Competition, and we got the results this afternoon – we ranked 7th, but we made our best effort and enjoyed the night anyway.
(In the picture, there is Rina, Katia, Paola, and Kanoko)

For the next blog piece, I hope to get more pictures of girls having their awesome time in the boarding, in school and while visiting Geneva!!



Here we are!

The arrival of the Ecureuil boarders and the beginning of this life experience together always brings beautiful moments – and there definitely is a very beautiful atmosphere in the House, created by the presence of so many different cultures, habits, attitudes, ideas and – most of all – the willingness to share them!

Here are some images to give you an idea of what was happening during the last few days…

Before the Welcome Dinner!

Before the Welcome Dinner!

In our beautiful garden

In our beautiful garden

Making new friends

Making new friends

It is cozy in our rooms!

It is cozy in our rooms!

learning to use new gadgets :)

learning to use new gadgets 🙂

(almost) learning to fly!

(almost) learning to fly!

just before going to school

just before going to school