Time to take a break!


Our Easter holidays began yesterday, with classes officially ending in the afternoon. Today Villa Ecureuil feels very silent and empty – only one boarder left before the final closing tomorrow morning!

Esther and myself are wishing all our girls and their families a happy and peaceful time together during this break – it is a good time to be together, have fun… and start revising for the exams which will begin very soon! This is the hard life of senior boarders 🙂

Happy Easter everybody!


A bit of nostalgia… and pride!

Today I called a former Ecureuil young lady, Inna, who just finished her Swiss Maturité exams at the end of August/beginning of September.

I wanted to congratulate her because she was given the best grades among all the CDL students in her final exams!!! I am so so happy for her and I know I am speaking on behalf of many colleagues, friends, teachers and tutors here in CDL.

Félicitations Inna 🙂


The grade-12 study leave is just behind the corner…




These are random pictures I took a few days ago while we were about to open the Boarding House in the afternoon. You can see Elena and Alisa close to the garden, Tanya studying outside and Ingrid flashing her beautiful smile to the camera 🙂

We are approaching that special time of the year… Those two-three weeks before final exams begin for grade-12 students. The atmosphere in the House changes: a quiet stillness descends, boarders talk less, they walk around with open books in their hands looking for the right “corner” where they can sit and revise by themselves. The fact is that grade-11 boarders will also have to sit their end-of-the-year exams quite soon, so they are also under the same “study spell”!

IB2 boarders will have no more classes after tomorrow… So the intense revision period will begin! Our House will be a beehive of academic activity 🙂 you can already hear all these beautiful brains buzzing!!



Yes, “tomorrow… you’re only a day away”, as a (very) old song used to go. And tomorrow is the Big Day: grade-12 exams start!! And in our Boarding House, it means that 9 girls out of 14 will be under an exceptional amount of stress! Adrenalin overload!! RED ALERT!

So I am writing this to wish all of them this: BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE! I don’t believe in luck that much, but I know that..

when-the-going-gets-tough1… the tough get going!!

A big hug to you all!!!





Last week

Last week of school, everyone is very excited about October break :))) This is a week of packing up and exams. Yulia already left today – she is the lucky one! Most of us are leaving on Friday 🙂 I am going to miss them, but 10 days after life will come back to the same place and it will feel as if the holidays never happened… Good luck everyone =)