Welcome to the new Ecureuil girls!

A belated welcome message to inform you that our House has now reached full capacity, thanks to the arrival of Karolina and Maria Alejandra!

Respectively from Poland and Mexico, these two young ladies enrich our House with their beautiful presence and make it an even more varied environment… We now have 11 nationalities represented in Villa Ecureuil!

It is great to have you here with us! 🙂

We had a very active week-end!

This week-end some of the Ecureuil girls enjoyed different activities.

The long excursion on Sunday took them to Gruyère, home of the famous Swiss cheese – a very interesting small village with plenty of style and interesting things… Like this special coffee and art shop, where the works of the famous artist HR Giger are displayed (“Alien”, anyone?). After this, a visit to the Cailler chocolate factory was a real delight!

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Other Ecureuil girls enjoyed an intense Body Shaping class with Linda in the fitness room. Well done!