Study leave – it has begun!

In Villa Ecureuil there are many grade-12 students, actually the majority: 10 out of 14. Of these 10, one is a student in the French section (this means she will stay until the end of the school year…), while all the others are getting ready for their exams, which will finish before the end of May and the date of the Graduation Ceremony (May 28!).

study leave

Those who are in IB 2 from today can benefit from a week of “study leave”, during which no classes take place and students can prepare for exams independently, or also taking advantage of revision classes organized by their teachers.

Needless to say, the atmosphere is… electric!

Wishing all our girls all the best for these very important days!!

Keep your cool…




Yep! We are at that special time/moment/phase of the school year… You can see the calendar marking the end of the month (and on May 30 the CDL graduation ceremony will take place!) but SO MUCH still needs to happen between NOW and THEN! Isn’t it incredible?

Now this period of time seems to be endless… But days will go by so fast! And in a swoosh it will be over…

However, the Here and Now is pretty busy so all I can say is… “You can only do your best”, and I know you Ecureuil Girls will give all you’ve got!!! And I have great trust in our deep, innate wisdom that produces moments of epiphany 🙂 where all the pieces fall into place! Finally!






The grade-12 study leave is just behind the corner…




These are random pictures I took a few days ago while we were about to open the Boarding House in the afternoon. You can see Elena and Alisa close to the garden, Tanya studying outside and Ingrid flashing her beautiful smile to the camera 🙂

We are approaching that special time of the year… Those two-three weeks before final exams begin for grade-12 students. The atmosphere in the House changes: a quiet stillness descends, boarders talk less, they walk around with open books in their hands looking for the right “corner” where they can sit and revise by themselves. The fact is that grade-11 boarders will also have to sit their end-of-the-year exams quite soon, so they are also under the same “study spell”!

IB2 boarders will have no more classes after tomorrow… So the intense revision period will begin! Our House will be a beehive of academic activity 🙂 you can already hear all these beautiful brains buzzing!!



Yes, “tomorrow… you’re only a day away”, as a (very) old song used to go. And tomorrow is the Big Day: grade-12 exams start!! And in our Boarding House, it means that 9 girls out of 14 will be under an exceptional amount of stress! Adrenalin overload!! RED ALERT!

So I am writing this to wish all of them this: BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE! I don’t believe in luck that much, but I know that..

when-the-going-gets-tough1… the tough get going!!

A big hug to you all!!!