Time to take a break!


Our Easter holidays began yesterday, with classes officially ending in the afternoon. Today Villa Ecureuil feels very silent and empty – only one boarder left before the final closing tomorrow morning!

Esther and myself are wishing all our girls and their families a happy and peaceful time together during this break – it is a good time to be together, have fun… and start revising for the exams which will begin very soon! This is the hard life of senior boarders 🙂

Happy Easter everybody!


Friday is cooking day!

Among the many things that boarders in Villa Ecureuil enjoy doing on a late Friday afternoon there is… cooking! It feels a lot like “home” to cook something for oneself, and here you can see Ingrid happily cooking the time away to prepare herself a nice, good meal! No surprise, then, that the kitchen is one of the most crowded rooms in the House during free time 😉


IMG_8611 IMG_8615

Happy birthday Vera!

Tonight we had a very good reason to celebrate: Vera turned 19! She really is THE senior student in the House 🙂

Many wishes from all of us in Villa Ecureuil!

What can make you happy? Cats!

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Oh, stop it, you can’t deny the cuteness of the American Curl. You can also  guess that this breed is characterized by its unusual ears. Moreover, I assume that this is the reason they are called “Curls”. Still wondering why is it not a well-known breed. “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo da Vinci […]

Natasha`s Birthday

It is my friend Natasha’s birthday today!

And I am happy to celebrate her 18th anniversary with her:)

In fact, Natasha is a wonderful girl with a nice sense of humor and who sings about everything that she sees! ^^

To my lovely Natasha :-*

Natasha, I am very glad that we’ve met! You are one of my friends, to whom I am not afraid to tell the truth, because I am sure you will at least try to understand me 😉

I am happy that you’re staying in Switzerland next year, so I believe we will go out to Geneva together! Stay as shiny as you are, believe in yourself – you are able to become the person who you want to be!


To everyone ^^

Be happy and enjoy your life!