Wishing you all a fantastic summer!

The end of the academic year is… two days away! As usual, we are all in the midst of an emotional storm: tired, happy, excited, busy. “Exams are over but the grades are not out yet!” – “Do I need three or four trunks to pack all my things?” – “Will they let me carry all my suitcases in the plane?” – “I can’t wait to see Greece with my friends!”

It was a fabulous year with the Ecureuil girls!! Intense, full of new and exciting things, with many beautiful moments spent together…

Our hearts are sad because the graduates left… But we look forward to another year of adventure with our “new” seniors!

Have a great summer 🙂


Mother Ocean day – May 10!


Mother Ocean Day is relatively a new celebration, as it was introduced for the first time in 2013. It is a concept thought up by the South Florida Kayak Fishing Club that has since sought the approval of the City of Miami to declare this a day official. The point, of course, is to take a day to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the ocean, and it is no surprise that inhabitants of Florida were the ones to come forward with this idea, as Florida is famous for particularly gorgeous white sand beaches and clear, aquamarine waters.

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Dreaming of the beautiful summer ahead of us!! Keep on going, senior girls 🙂


Time to take a break!


Our Easter holidays began yesterday, with classes officially ending in the afternoon. Today Villa Ecureuil feels very silent and empty – only one boarder left before the final closing tomorrow morning!

Esther and myself are wishing all our girls and their families a happy and peaceful time together during this break – it is a good time to be together, have fun… and start revising for the exams which will begin very soon! This is the hard life of senior boarders 🙂

Happy Easter everybody!


Happy new year…


As of today, all the Ecureuil boarders are back in the House! Full of energy, with lots of tales about their holidays 🙂 What I heard so far: “It was beautiful to spend time with family and friends!”, “I miss the beach!”, “I had lots of fun!”… So there will be many conversations over hot cups of tea during the week!

BUT… a BIG “but”… Mock-exams started this morning for the IB students! This also means, then, that we are…





Words of goodbye… the summer holidays are here!

“This year passed too fast, but it was full of unforgettable moments and memories. It was sad when girls from 12 grade, who had become so close, left. But it was an incredible feeling to see them graduating and realise that we’ll be in their place so soon. Have amazing holidays!”

“Finally the year is over and in front of us the whole world for these two months. Home, friends, family, sea, oceans, sky and a lot of new expressions, new doors that we can open, new discoveries that we can make. This summer will be great and the world will smile at you!”

“It is just so pleasant I have finished the first part of my exams. I am happy of my first school year here in CDL, it was a good experience that made me grow, I think. But I am SO HAPPY to finally be on HOLIDAYS, so I wish you good ones. Thank you to my house parents.”

“It was a wonderful year! I am sure that the next one is going to be even more fun!”

“It was a great year. I learned a lot :)”

“This year passed by so quickly, but indeed it was one of the best years of my life so far, it was full of new and amazing experiences. Hope next year will be the same or even better!”

See you soon, ladies!! Wishing you the best holidays with family and friends and loved ones!


’tis time for goodbyes!

It is Friday, December 19, and there are only two people left in Villa Ecureuil: Ingrid, who will take her flight tomorrow morning (very early!) and myself…

This means that almost all the Ecureuil girls have reached their destination: home for the holidays!

Wishing you all a well-deserved break… Have fun, relax, revise! And enjoy being with your beloved ones 🙂


Secret Santa came to visit :)



Last Wednesday the tradition was renewed again – the Secret Santa meeting was organized in our lounge… and in order to celebrate this meeting with more… gusto!, it was preceded by a nice pizza dinner 🙂 with home-made apple cake!








Merry Christmas!

Well, guys, it is time for the last post in 2013… I think all of us were able to overcome different life circumstances this year: from great misfortunes to glorious victories. I hope that good memories will stay in your mind making you smile every time you feel depressed… and bad ones can always help you to avoid any further mistakes and disappointments!!!

IB2, take a rest, as Mock exams are coming soon!

IB1 can relax, as the true horror will start next year  😉

AP and Maturité, good luck and don’t stress too much!

Wish you all good grades, true love, loyal friends… and letters of acceptance to universities you wish to get in!
I hope you will have an amazing Christmas and New Year party, either with your family or with your friends! Wish you all the best and good luck!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

busy weekend

This week-end was full of activities. The Ecureuil girls were busy every day. On Friday afternoon, everyone was rushing to prepare for Christmas dance. Right after school, the great preparation began. By 6 o’clock we were all ready to go. Christmas dance was 5 hours long, so by the end of the day we were very tired.

On Saturday morning, some of the girls had a race in the old town centre – the Course de l’Escalade. The day was quite warm and sunny, so it was a pleasure to have a small run in the morning.

Sunday was also very intense: more that half of the boarding school when to see the Cirque du Soleil. It was an amazing show and everyone was very excited.

The week-end is over, and now it is the last full week before holidays.

Well done girls, keep it up! It’s almost holiday time ☺