A bit of nostalgia… and pride!

Today I called a former Ecureuil young lady, Inna, who just finished her Swiss Maturité exams at the end of August/beginning of September.

I wanted to congratulate her because she was given the best grades among all the CDL students in her final exams!!! I am so so happy for her and I know I am speaking on behalf of many colleagues, friends, teachers and tutors here in CDL.

Félicitations Inna 🙂


Russian dinner tonight :)

Russian dinner 6 March

As usual on Thursdays, we had a “theme dinner” tonight, and our beautiful cooks (you can see our Inna and Yulia in the picture) helped and supervised the kitchen staff during the preparation of a three-course Russian dinner! The menu was: chicken in sour cream sauce, Russian salad (called Olivier), mashed potatoes with mushrooms. For desert, drink Kisel and chocolate sausage. One could tell by the lines at the counters that the food was really appreciated by everybody!

Thank you girls!!