I am talking about invasion of ants in our kitchen!! We are going to war!

Today these small insects attacked us. They went all over our floor in kitchen and we are sure that they also planned to go on our tables.

In the afternoon our girls Inna and Julia were cooking desserts for the Tuesday get-together with teachers. Unfortunately some sweet liquid or sugar fell on the floor and was unnoticed by the cooks. It attracted these small “evils” to come to our place.

Now the girls are putting all their power and water & soap to get rid of them.

I am sure that we will WIN!!!

Good luck girls 😉

Chinese cooking night

Girls of Meritas are not only good at studying but also at cooking.

Last week me and my roommate Dina decided to try to prepare something Chinese as it got really popular. In Migro which is nearby we bought Basmati rice, found very interesting receipts in the internet and occupied the kitchen for almost an hour.

The taste of our “hand-made” food was quite specific, but still we liked it. That was a nice way to spend some time together and to put the level of cooking a bit higher.

Next week we are planning to prepare something Russian, as some of us really miss Russian borsh!