Battle of Psychics

Unfortunately the holidays are over and we eventually had to come back to our usual everyday school routine.While studying for Mocks and completing our IAs my roommates, and me suddenly discovered a TV show that is now quite popular among Russians – “Battle of Psychics”. I loved this show. I think it may prove that some things are true and some are fake… I was delighted with the charaters and the tasks they had them perform. Murders, illnesses, unfortunate fates and ghosts – all of these must be tested by the 12 psychics and only one will become the best and win the competition. Honestly, I didn’t believe in it the first time I saw it but each new episode made my eyes wide open with shock and amusement. In particular I remember two of the strongest psychics – Alexander Sheps and Merylin Kerro. In the snow their love and sympathy for each other also moved forward.

It truly became an addiction as we tried to see as much as we could in one day. Finally the show finished and the winner was chosen.  However after this you get a feeling of emptiness as it is so hard to say goodbye to the characters you are used to.

Overall, Brilliant show. Absolutely MUST BE WATCHED BY EVERYONE!!!!!!!