A quiet Sunday afternoon…

Here Sunday afternoon can often look like this… No, let me correct myself: here Sunday afternoons can look like this when the sun is shining!!

a Starting to prepare the space outdoors for next Tuesday – the teachers are coming over, woooohooo!! 🙂

e cThe “magical duo” is always in the kitchen… preparing something yummy!

f  d m lThis is a good and a bad sign at the same time: GOOD because spring is here and boarders can put their winter clothes away… BAD because some of them are going to empty these trunks for good when leaving the Boarding House in May after the exams! :((

i g

And someone is catching up with homework and revision…

What are your Sunday afternoon plans?





My week-end

I want to share with you my experience of going from Geneva to Versoix on roller-skates. First of all, google lies about the time it takes you. It is only around an hour, no more than that; on the other hand, it is actually better, because it is not that far… Starting from the Geneva train station, we skated next to the lake! It was a sunny day and the view was amazing, but for some reason we couldn’t see the mountains. Anyway, most of the time they are  visible, so actually it wasn’t a big deal. Another half of the journey was next to the road. I thought that it was very long. I remember when I was taking the CDL bus to Geneva and the road seemed to be too long, but actually it is not, I realized. And this is another good news for me!!!  At the end my friend and I went to the Versoix lake to have lunch. It was very nice, home-made food, mmm… 🙂
I really enjoyed that day and I hope we will repeat it!!IMG_0929 1964854_832060853478115_643975025_n


Interview to Natalia Kuleshova, our “eyes and ears” in Crans-Montana!

Monday afternoon, January 20th: I am sitting in Villa Ecureuil with Natalia, who participated to the first CDL ski week-end of this winter season. All our audience is very curious to know about the ski condition up there and about… anything else worth knowing in order to have a great experience on top of the (best) mountains!

Elena: So tell me Natalia, what was the situation like when you arrived in Crans-Montana?

Natalia: It was great! We went directly to the rental shop at Grand Signal* to rent what was needed… Then we found out the main lift was  closed because of the wind. So by bus we went to Aminona* and went up to the top – we [20 participants in total] split in groups with teachers. I was in the snowboarding beginners’ group but the teacher, seeing that I am experienced, let me skip the explanations aimed at the “real” beginners!

E: Did you go skiing immediately or did you first stop at La Moubra, the youth camp where CDL students usually stay?

N: We only went to La Moubra in the afternoon, after skiing.

E: What about your favorite winter sport: why snowboarding, if I may ask?

N: I was a skier before but got bored with it, so I changed to snowboard. Jumping with skis is what I would have liked to improve, but it is not allowed in CDL, too risky! So I moved to snowboard and I am now very happily at my third year!

E: And what about lunch break? Did you eat something yummy on the slopes?

N: On Saturday we went to the cafeteria on the top of the mountain at Aminona – salad and spaghetti bolognese. All the various groups came together for lunch – very nice!!

E: What about the evening? Was something planned for the participants?

N: After finishing our ski practice, we went to La Moubra, had just the time to change our clothes before going to the village to buy snacks. At night we went out for nice meal at the Italian pizzeria owned by Mr. Cuccu.

E: And how was your room in La Moubra? Who did you share it with?

N: It was on the 1st floor – which was all reserved to girls only . I was allowed to choose my room, and I picked a spacious one, that I shared with another Russian girl (grade 8). In the morning we had an amazing view when the sun came up! You could see the whole valley below…

E: Great! And tell me about your Sunday experience, how was the weather?

N: Nice sunny weather, all the ski-lifts were open so we went up from Grand Signal… We had lunch on the slopes again!

E: So, just a few final words: how would you rate your first ski week-end this year?

N: 10/10 as usual!!

E: Thank you very much for your precious words, Natalia, and I do hope that you will bring back some more exciting news next week-end!… Because you are going back, aren’t you?

N: Yes, for sure!

Stay tuned for some more news, folks!!

PS: * a map of the slopes… http://www.switzerland-trips.com/Crans-Montana/Crans-Montana-Hotels-Tourist-Info.html

Natalia Ku 1 Natalia Ku 2