Getting close to the end of the first marking period

As most of us are applying to universities, this first marking period is still crucial. We have done a lot of work about TOK presentations, extended essays and applications.

This Friday, the first marking period will end. Meritas (Ecureuil) girls can have a short break finally, but before that, there are two more days, so let’s carry on with our works!

I suppose all of us are working very hard and trying to get good grades. So, good luck guys!!!

Keep calm and carry on.


We students, especially IB2s, have loads of deadlines. I suppose everyone has done the first draft of Extended Essay. We now have TOK (Theory Of Knowledge) presentation and TOK essay to be done. For the essay, the first draft should be handed in by 14th of October, second draft on 2nd of December and the final draft should be submitted on 14th of February (St.Valentine’s day!). For presentation, there is no accurate date, but it will be done during November and December. TOK practice essay about Basel trip (only IB1s) is due this Friday!

For IB2, we need to prepare application requirements by mid or end of November, and deadline for senior will is 1st of December. Make sure don’t forget these deadlines, otherwise you may mess up the whole year!