Interview – Natalia Kuleshova on Crans-Montana, part 2

Crans-montana 1 Jan 2014 NatKu

Elena: Hello Natalia! So tell us something about your second ski week-end in Crans-Montana! Did something particularly exciting happen?

Natalia: I jumped with my snowboard for the first time! A kind of “snow trampoline” had been set up, with a big airbag right under it. I could have practiced my turns but just jumping was great!

E: What about the weather? And the snow condition?

N: There was more snow that the previous week – more slopes open for us! I also enjoyed the fact that our teacher offered us more variety during the class, we explored different sides of the mountains and other slopes.

E: And then..?

N: Then we finally went to Amadeus restaurant, my favorite on the slopes!

E: I heard you brought a “special guest” with you this time. Who is it?

N: My friend Liza came with me. She is a former CDL student, she studies in another school in Geneva now. This was our kind of “CDL reunion”! She is also a snowboarder, we really had a good time!

E: Would you like to add anything else?

N: Everybody come! I am going again next week-end!

E: What is so special? Tell me the secret…

N: It is like being in CDL but… not really! I enjoy the change in the routine, it breaks the school rhythm… and it is so beautiful up there!

Crans-montana 2 Jan 2014 NatKu Crans-montana 3 Jan 2014 NatKu



The weather for the last few days became so horrible! It is cold + it is raining all over the time 🙁