Should This Be The Last Generation?

Everyone in my TOK class is supposed to ‘be the teacher’ for one day and it’s my turn next Thursday. So my question is ‘should this be the last generation?’ A professor of bioethics at Princeton ran an experiment, suggesting that we should consider if the best ethical choice for the planet and humankind is to stop reproduction, forcing humankind to become extinct.

When parents consider whether to have children or not, they take many things into account before making that decision. But few parents actually consider whether coming to existence is a good thing for the child. Some parents fear that the child’s life would be difficult as they might know of lethal inherited diseases the child might suffer from. This raises the question ‘how good does life have to be to make it reasonable to bring a child into the world?

Writer and philosopher Benatar claims that bringing into existence someone who will suffer is to harm that person, suggesting that we are being selfish by continuing reproduction, which will harm many children. To a certain extent I understand where he is coming from. I also believe that our generation is kind of spoiling things for the generations to come. We are contributing to global warming, we are not using limited resources properly and we also depend on technology a lot. However, I do think that everyone will suffer to some extent and that’s just a part of life. And also that the future generations will find a way to deal with those problems just like we deal with the problems now. Besides, human beings are very complex, there’s a lot more to us that we don’t even know. Humankind should not become extinct. What do you think?

Is the world better off with humans in it or without?


It’s time.

It’s unbelievable how fast time passes. I am not sure about others, but for me everything is happening too quickly. Just a day before I was a year Ten, now – senior. We have to do more, act more, behave more, think more. And have more responsibilities as well. The world spins round and round and we don’t have the time to stop and think: what is it I am doing right? However, it’s more important than people think it is. Everyone is too busy shaping the world for themselves. Or themselves for the world.