Eat your Greens Boys!!!¨¨

Vlad and Greg continue this months house topic on healthy eating and keeping a balanced lifestyle, by giving the guys a presentation on the benefits of a healthy diet


Even though Vlad is a big fan of bacon sandwiches, he did explain the long term damages of eating a diet rich in fats


Greg, as cool as ever talked about the things we should all be eating…. fruit veg etc etc

Ice Skating in Crans – Montana

The weekend wasn’t only about skiing and snowboarding. Our students also ice skated, tube sledded, practiced curling and many other activities.

Faisal and Luther helping their friend Keitaro on the ice rink.

Henrique and Mr. Xavier during having a break this weekend on the slopes.

Ski/Snowboard Weekend.

Second weekend on the slopes, Students had the chance to challenge each other on a slalom race.

On the caption, Zen just finish his lap and cheers with his friend Pedro.

Yohei, Mr. Xavier and Mr. Anthony during the break for lunch.

Tennis and Aquarium for the weekend.

This weekend some of our students went to the Aquarium-Vivarium of Lausanne

They attended to a guided tour.

Casper joined the excursion together with other boarders.

In the meantime the rest of students of Lous Dégallier remain at the Campus.

Anjie took tennis lessons, A new challenging experience for him.