Chaplin’s World at Vevey

A group of boarding students visited the Museum dedicated to Charles Chaplin and the Cinema

From our house Faisal and Casper were part of the group

Faisal got in trouble but luckily his good behavior was key for the lawyer to negotiate his liberation. 😀

Badminton & Geneva

During the morning of Saturday we had a Badminton lessons at Olympus.

Anjie took part on the high demanding training.

In the afternoon some of the boys went to Geneva for a Boarding project.

Students did not miss the chance to pose with our beautiful pink hoodies.

Climate change…… the boys are taking it seriously, Are you???

Zen and Greg attended the Climate change events in Geneva last week and spent the house assembly making the boys aware of the very real issues that we are all faced with.


Greg showed a very inspirational and moving video from TedX. The 16yo climate activist really made the boys think


The house taking in all the information, which led to some good discussion after the presentation.