Well being part III – Friendship

Putting on practice today in pairs saying Yes and No. The exercise was to be in front of each other and stepping in at the saying time they were feeling to say “no” to the person in front of them and then switch. Seeing the difference between when they say No and when they receive a no. They cooperated and reinforce themselves with confidence to don’t be afraid of saying yes or no in any situation of their life but always with respect. It is also a way to set boundaries and respect themselves. 

Monthly Assembly

Monthly Assembly. It starts with an amazing music session by our student Gabriel Legros. Also, Christine did a presentation about Coronavirus. World News Committee got introduced to the students by Mr. Rob, Mr. James, and Mrs. Terri which it will be a time for students to discuss the news that are happening in the world.

Pillar 3: Well Being “How do you say no?”

Today, we started our well being in the second period. It was something good for the first time. Between different cultures, there are different opinions. For example for Russian and Ukrainian girls, it was easy to do it. However, Norah and Angel could be a little harder. The conversation went all the way through relationships, the right of the women in their country to decide and make her voice speak up and religious. Very beautiful time spending with my girls!!


Pillar 3- Well B E I N G! Friendships

Friendship needs to start from respect, confident, things in comun, support, love and trust. In our talk about Friendship, the girls open up saying that friendship are hard and very needed living in a boarding community as it makes them lifes easier to have the support from a friend. Someone who will be there no matter what happens. We did a round about who was the first friend that they had when they arrived in the school and if they still having a good relationship with this person . Also, we had talked how friendship can change sometimes.