School year’s end

Back to school.

Another school year is about to finish, but what a year! Full of emotions and challenges.

My dear ladies you all went through it with a lot of maturity and resilience. I’m very proud of you all, Valeriia, Katya, Norah, Angel, Alina, Paola, Charlotte, and Galiya!

I really hope we’ll stay in touch because somehow we have missed 3 months of the time we could have spent together here in Megard, and it feels like something has not been completed…

I wish you all the best for your future studies, either in Gr 12 here in CdL or at the University.

Graduation ceremony

This year the graduation ceremony was as unusual as were the last 3 months!

So we had for the first time in CdL’s life an online ceremony in order to celebrate our graduate students. I guess that all of them were in front of their screen to enjoy it with their families, and so we were, proud of their journey.

We even had the great surprise to see Charlotte awarded with the “ACLA price” and Galiya for one of the “Highest Academic Achievement” in Gr 12.

CONGRADUATIONS to Valeriia, Galiya, Charlotte and Paola!

And let’s meet on the 26th of June for the boarders graduate ceremony!

Welcome back on board!

We hope you all had a nice and restful time at home with your families!

We’re processing today again through the Virtual Learning Experience, waiting to be able to all come back to school.

Good luck for this last stretch of the school year, as unusual as it can be!

Spring break

After 4 weeks of a Virtual Learning Experience, we can finally all rest and enjoy our family and beloved ones.

Alina, Valeriia, Charlotte, Angel, Paola, Galiya, Norah and Katya, we’re looking forward to seeing you back in the House as soon as possible! It feels too empty without you…

In the meantime enjoy the Spring break safe at home!!