Relationship with adults : wellbeing session

On Thursday evening I gathered the girls in the living room with some “roses des tables” (cornflakes mixed with chocolate) to have a discussion about the relationships they have with the adults in general and at school.

Relationships at school. Teacher-student.

I wanted them to tell me what sort of relationship they experience and the reason why it can be different from an adult to another one. It’s a very good exercise to evaluate the level of trust, care, and kindness they share together and sometimes it raises some issues. The students spend most of their time with adults around them, so it’s very important that their links are set fair!!

Thanks to those discussions we learn a lot and it helps us move on in the right direction.

Well being- How could I help others in the community?

Sharing the experience of Paola’s trip to Tanzania last June for around 2-3 weeks. She painted a lot of different walls, made the conglomerate on the floor, played with the kids and explored a new different world. Also, I think the best to teach is by example and from your experience… so I talked about my experience by helping others also last Summer in Senegal building a place for the kids to play, I played and gave them love and attention. We also pick up all the garbage from the village and painted some mandalas…


Let’s keep making our big seed in this world… 🙂

Preparing the competition of Masterchef


Two different nationalities working together in the Kitchen preparing the best Tiramisu ever. Most of them participated in one way for this to be possible… so Valeriia went to do the shopping for the ingredients, Angel and Paola worked together on the Tiramisu and Norah cleaned the kitchen… Good job team work!

Open days on Saturday 16th November!

Open House on Saturday 16th of November
Would you like to know more about our academic programs, our extracurricular activities, our campus? Register now on and come meet our Principals.

Programme :-

9.30 a.m. – 12 p.m. :
– Welcome and presentation of Collège du Léman
– Visit stands (admissions, alumni, bus and lunch, extracurricular activities, camps, learning support, college advisory, PFA etc.)
– Tours of the School
– Informal meetings with Principals

Guitar and singing performance

What a performance Spencer and Norah gave us tonight during the boarding assembly!!

They both sang like angels a very beautiful Chinese song. The audience was particularly receptive and enthusiastic.

They brought the sun on a very heavy rainy day!!

We are proud of both of them.