A Delicious Stop on the #NewPortenaJourney: Mrs. Fana’s Crepe Night

Every evening, Mrs. Fana brings her culinary magic, and last night was no exception. She’s a kitchen wizard, and the girls absolutely love her. For our latest adventure on the #NewPortenaJourney, Mrs. Fana treated us to a French classic: crepes. Some girls pitched in with the cooking, while others eagerly waited to savor these delectable delights.

As the crepes sizzled on the griddle, our excitement grew. Mrs. Fana’s expert hands turned batter into golden pancakes. It was like witnessing a master at work, and we couldn’t wait to dig in. Smiles, laughter, and the taste of France filled the room.

Bon appétit, and here’s to more tasty adventures! 🥞😄


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