A Cozy Farewell Dinner at New Portena

Today, we gathered for our second at-home dinner, and it was a heartwarming affair. Our menu featured mouthwatering tacos with soft tortillas and a delightful chocolate cake for dessert.

This relaxed dinner gave us all a chance to unwind and savor the simple joys of community living. As we shared stories, laughter, and delicious food, it felt like a perfect evening.

Tonight holds a special place in our hearts because starting tomorrow, many of our New Portena girls will set off for the October break. So, in a way, this dinner was a farewell, a moment to cherish together before we embark on our individual journeys, knowing we’ll reunite soon.

Here’s to a fantastic October break for everyone, and we can’t wait to create more beautiful memories when we return. 🍽️🍰✨ #NewPortenaJourney

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