December Delights: New Portena Weekend Highlights

This first weekend of December was packed with excitement for the New Portena girls. Ingrid showcased her skills in her first fencing competition, proudly returning with a silver medal.

Meanwhile, Ana Cristina, Melissa, and Paulina glided through a fun-filled day at the local ice skating rink, creating memories on the ice.

Aliki, Lulu, Bice, Sayuri, He, Yufei, Hanna, and Valentina embraced the festive spirit, spending a delightful Sunday at the Montreux Christmas market.

Gergana braved the cold and participated in her first Escalade race!

Cheers to a weekend filled with achievements, laughter, and festive joy at New Portena! πŸ…β„οΈπŸŽ„ #NewPortenaJourney


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