Wednesdays we talk Wellbeing, Wellness and test our Memory!




Cookies are always the best way to start the Wednesday meeting


Boris is this weeks Boarder of the week, earning his grade 50pts in the process from the lucky bag. Boris has been helping around the house as usual and also he was a key figure in the Global sports competition that CDLwere part of and Boris helped us achieve 3rd place out of 30 schools. Well done Boris

This week we spoke about this months Well-being topic, Building Positive friendships. We asked the guys who has ever felt the influence of peer pressure, shown here by them raising their hands.


We finished the evening assembly of as usual with a small in house competition. This week, it was all about the power of the mind. We took two members from each grade and Challenged them to a memory game. They had 30 seconds to look at 30 items on the table and then 3 minutes to try and remember as many as possible.


Grade 12 were the winners of this competition, getting 17/30 items on the list. The boys showed great teamwork, tallking to each other and splitting the table so they could work together to get the best result possible. Well Done Grade 12…. 100pts

Arts + Good Nutrition + Sports = Wellbeing Weekend

Students of Photography club worked together to come up with this game of lights.

Fruit selection for BrunchBoris performing an abs exercise at Boot Camp Club 

Hamzas angel version 👼🏻

Hamzas devil version 😈

Fruit selection at Brunch


Boris performing Abs exercises during Boot Camp Club

First House Assembly of 2021!!

Yesterday Mr.Usher gave the first Boarding assembly of the New Year. Virtually of course. Wellbeing Pillar 3 was introduce also; Building positive friendships


Mr.Tom presents Michel with the house cup, he is accepting it on behalf of Grade 9. Grade 9 came out victorious in last months race to the top of Mount Olympus!


Michel proud as punch!!

Its Snowing!!!!!!!

The snow has officially arrived in Versoix, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. This is perfect timing for the ski days which are coming in the next weeks.


The boys were making the most of the snow,

Happy New Year from Olympus……..WE ARE BACK



Olympus has reopened its doors. We are looking forward to safely welcoming all our students back on campus, and into Olympus Boarding House. We wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for a happy and successful term!

We are all moving into 2021 with open minds and full of optimism, continuing to push forward and striving to make this year the best yet in Olympus.

End of year Winter dinner

This weekend we had our end of year winter dinner. It is a great way to celebrate all the hard work our students put in during the year. The boys all dressed up and looked super smart on the night!!

Here is a little sneak peak of what the boys had last night! It tasted even better than it looked!!

Our House Prefect and House Captain looking a million dollars