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Happy birthday Jiusi!
Today Jiusi turned 18! We celebrated with a surprise dinner party that was also a way to say goodbye before the Christmas holidays... All the best to you, Jiusi 🙂 More)
Halloween and Katia's 18th Birthday!!!
Good evening, We had a October Halloween dress up between the boarders after they came back from the holidays.. Everyone dressed up super nice and we took several pictures. More)
Happy birthday Anastasia... Trudy!
Today Anastasia turns 18, yes!! Another \"adult\" in our Boarding House 🙂 We all wish you a very happy birthday!!! Have fun celebrating with your mother in Geneva - such a great occasion! More)
Villa Ecureuil has two more Young Adults in the house!
Two more birthdays in less than a week! Last Friday it was Sunny\'s - and she celebrated it with her parents, who are now in Geneva - and today it is Natalia\'s!! Ha (More)
Natalia Korennaya is 18 now!!
Happy birthday from all of us!! More)
Tong Tong\'s party!
Today another birthday celebration! Tong Tong turned 18 today!! She kind of pre-celebrated last Friday with a pizzeria outing but tonight all her friends in t (More)
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