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This weekend saw the introduction of a new Saturday activity: choir. Celine, Romina, Helen, Natalina, Olivia and Scarlett all took part and loved it - maybe we have a New Portena girl band in the making! More)
New Portena girls enjoyed Thanksgiving celebrations at Mr Usher's house! They also wrote on coloured cards what they are thankful for in their life.   (More)
The guitar and ukulele group is back!
On Saturday afternoon the girls had fun playing the song Riptide with Costanza. The group will be back in two weeks. More)
Guitar group
On Saturday afternoon, Tatiana, Celine and Helen enjoyed a guitar and ukulele lesson given by Costanza.  New Portena is becoming a very musical house. The music group will continue in two weeks when the girls will learn new songs. More)
A fun activity on the Salève mountain
Last Sunday a new activity was organized for our boarders: an Orientation Race, that is, learning and practicing the use of a compass and of a map to find one's way back to the starting point of the activity. The location is beautiful, right next to (More)
It's Body Shaping time!
Today Body Shaping, a fantastic activity for those who love body conditioning, started again for our boarders and Eileen and Vera went to the class. Good job, ladies!! More)
Pumpkin Carving
Last night we had an amazing evening cutting, gutting, scraping, slicing, designing and creating pumpkin lanterns! A new experience for many this traditional festive affaire sees children carving out the inners of pumpkins and cutting out shapes i (More)
2011 Gift Box Appeal
MADS is again organising the gift box appeal for the High School and Second Cycle. The boxes go to underprivileged children in schools and orphanages in Eastern Europe such as Belarus. The boxes must be unisex For children aged 4-14.  (More)
Global Youth Conference 2011
17 - 19 October 2011, Geneva, Switzerland 9 am to 4:30 pm, Institute National Genevois   3 days - Effects of climate change, new energie (More)
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