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The beauty of a sunny day at the lake
This is the scenery we can all enjoy... just a 10-minute walk from Collège du Léman! 🙂 (More)
Tulips Festival in Morges
If you are in the Leman region, this i (More)
Speaking of words... Thank you, Mr. Shakespeare!
This is quite self-explanatory... The richness and the beauty of the English language would not be the same without William Shakespeare's contribution! Just to have a (very) small idea... More)
Snow-shoe walking with huskies
This is probably one of the most beautiful winter activities on schedule for our boarders in CDL (apart from skiing in Crans-Montana, of course!): walking around many long, beautiful paths in the snow with these beautiful dogs that pull the leash lik (More)
Car show!
Incredibly enough 😉 some of our girls are fans of beautiful, powerful cars, so they joined a big group of CDL boarders to go and visit the Car Show in Geneva last week-end. Amazing cars! I bet that anyone would have enjoyed walking around such be (More)
Party time!
Last night one of the most awaited events took place in Hotel Kempinski in Geneva: the traditional CDL Christmas Dance! Shall I tell you something about the fever (More)
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