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Spring is here, inside Ferrari! Through the big smiles painted on our faces, no matter how much snow we still have outside!
Happy 17th birthday Margie!!
Two roommates just turned 17!
Amazing 🙂 how two roommates celebrated their birthdays to turn 17 just one day apart! Alejandra's birthday was celebrated on Monday, while Muzoon's was yesterday! It was great to see how happy they were to spend some time with friends!! Many h (More)
Happy 18th birthday Paola!
Last night we celebrated Paola's eighteenth birthday in the House with a good chocolate cake, a nice chat and a warm atmosphere. More)
Happy birthday Jiusi!
Today Jiusi turned 18! We celebrated with a surprise dinner party that was also a way to say goodbye before the Christmas holidays... All the best to you, Jiusi 🙂 More)
Halloween and Katia's 18th Birthday!!!
Good evening, We had a October Halloween dress up between the boarders after they came back from the holidays.. Everyone dressed up super nice and we took several pictures. More)
Our graduate Tatiana K turns 19 today
Super happy birthday, Tatiana!! We are sure you will have a double celebration today... Graduating yesterday and turning 19 the next day are good reasons to party party party! Many happy returns from all of us at Villa Ecureuil... Missing you! (More)
Alumni Dinner on Friday, April 29
This Alumni Dinner was the second event of this kind, organized by CdL in order to reunite former boarders in the school for a special dinner. It was a great success! Twenty-five boarders returned here in order to spend the evening together with our (More)
Pre-birthday celebration for Anastasia!
Tonight we enjoyed a delicious cake in order to... "pre-celebrate" Anastasia's birthday, which is actually next Friday. Nineteen years old! And about to finish her IB adventure here at Collège du Léman! Our best wishes for a great birthday, Nastia (More)
Happy birthday Tatiana B!!
Our Tatiana B turned 18 while on holidays, on April 5, so we decided to celebrate her birthday last night with a yummy cake that her roommate Anastasia brought over in secret 🙂 Happy birthday Tatiana!! Wishing you all the best! More)
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